5 Opportunities Event Organizers Should Consider Right Now


Look, thriving right now in the events industry is absolute, understandably. However, there are several things event organizers should be doing right now to assure they come out on top when the fog clears:

  1. Audit your control. Things feel out of control right now. Do not shy away from this. Look at where you do not have control in your business and solve for it. Now more than ever, it is vital to have FULL control over your brand, money, data, and technology. These are the core principals we preach as a white-label ticketing platform and a pain point we’ve heard way too much over the past couple of weeks as we consult with event organizers who are in distress as their ticketing partners are holding their funds. Cash flow is and will be important this year more than ever.
  • Tend to your marketing. Now is not the time to go dark with your marketing. Use this time to set up a solid event marketing foundation to ensure you have every competitive advantage coming out of this crisis. Remember, the competition will be fierce when this is over. People will not know how to spend their time when they come out of quarantine! There is so much they will want to do, make sure your message does not get lost in the noise. Three core marketing strategies to focus on would be social advertising, email marketing, and incentivized referral marketing.
  • Go virtual. Do not fight it. Those who figure out how to engage their community online will have no problem bouncing back when this is over. Get creative. If you’re not sure how to monetize and charge for a virtual event, start somewhere – even if you are doing free Instagram Lives daily. Get comfortable because virtual events will become the new norm. Not only will this become the new norm, enhanced virtual and augmented reality components will be an expected enhancement to any event.
  • Increase your average cart total. You may not be selling right now, but brainstorm all the ways you can increase your cart total once sales are up and running again. What are the small tweaks you can make? These small tweaks can include bulk ticket discounts, retail add-ons, or ticketing insurance.
  • Combat fears post-crisis. Focus on what your messaging will be to handle purchase hesitation. Communicate. Over-communicate. Voice all their fears and respond to them, do not leave them to internalize on their own. Communication at every touchpoint with your prospects and customers is going to be important – from the time they see that first Facebook ad to what happens onsite at the event. Make sure you over-communicate all safety protocols you are putting in place to put the public at ease about gathering in large crowds again. Will you have hand sanitizer around every corner? Onsite cleaning crew assuring port-a-potties are sanitized frequently? List everything out.


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