2LK’s creative director, Andy Sexton, describes invaluable Exposure Analytics data to evaluate Effective Experiential


At a conference held at BAFTA 195 [Piccadilly], Andy Sexton, partner & creative director at 2LK, presented his experience working with Exposure Analytics. 2LK designs inspirational spaces and engaging content that delivers effective brand experiences, from one-off activations to global experiential campaigns and permanent installations.

Defining experiential events as powerful and competitive, but essentially “short-lived”, Andy described how visitors are only present and attentive for a brief period of time. Organisers and exhibitors, therefore, are often resistant to disrupting the valuable time during which their event is live to gather customer data.

Coupling this with the “healthy layer of legislation” regarding privacy, events can become very difficult to monitor. 

Exposure Analytics allows organisers to evaluate events without interrupting visitors with surveys and questionnaires. Heat-mapping and motion-tracking gather data regarding traffic flow and visitor engagement anonymously, by using the Wi-Fi signal from mobile devices – no personal information is captured or stored.


Using an event experience for a global technology giant at Mobile World Congress as an example, Andy related the benefits of using this type of technology: the real-time data allowed the brand to make tweaks there and then to their stand to improve things like visitor flow. 

The first day of the event was effectively used as a “focus group” to decide on any alterations that needed to be made. For example, structural edits were made overnight to improve queue management.

Exposure Analytics’ data also allows organisers to converse much more objectively post-event. The data acts as evidence, showing what visitors were doing, where they were going and for how long. The reliance on subjective opinions from stand-holders and staff to gauge how well (or not well) the event went can be dispensed.

Examples of the data Exposure Analytics collects include unique visitors, returned visitors, dwell time, traffic flow and visitor engagement. 2LK use this alongside surveys and other qualitative feedback to fully evaluate the impact and influence of their work.

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