2Heads Global Design win at Event Tech Awards


Winning most creative agency in event technology at this years Event Tech Awards was a great moment for 2Heads Global Design. Not only are the awards a great accolade amongst peers, but it also recognised the diverse work of such a hard-working international team.

Well-known in the events space, people have been less aware of 2Heads digital and content work, but the agency has been changing it up for brands for years. A global collective of creatives, strategists and digital specialists 2Heads focus on world class experiential marketing solutions that merge the limits of live and online.

Creating over two hundred brand experiences each year worldwide, they are trusted by over fifty global brands to deliver these experiences and that requires thinking outside of the box. Getting creative is what 2Heads do well and their solution-based approach includes a wealth of options for big brands including experience design, production, augmented-reality, broadcasting, motion-graphics, streaming, networking and video content creation.

There are no borders on the experiential methods 2Heads use to communicate brand. The agency has an in-house digital team that created their first online web conference in 2000. Now they use game engines, real time rendering and platform ideation to create meaningful experiences, virtually anywhere. Winning the Best Virtual Events platform at this year’s awards confirms the strength of their bespoke B2B platform EventHive VX and the software readily provides the base from which their hybrid and virtual events evolve. 
Watch this space for future work to come from this truly creative collective.

Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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