2Heads Global Design nominated for the Event Technology Awards


2Heads Global Design, the UK’s leading independent experiential brand marketing agency have been synonymous with innovation and experience design for nearly 40 years. Renowned for creating world class experiential marketing solutions that merge the limits of live and online, 2Heads were nominated in four categories at this years Event Technology awards on the agency’s debut year of entering.

Brands are facing a new frontier; the online frontier and the race is on to build lasting emotional connections between brands and their end consumer. Plug-in tech and white-labelled platforms have their place in the virtual event space but once the event ends, where is the end-user connection?

Strategy, online brand identity and psychological engagement is needed to create brand loyalty through true marketing tools of disruption, immersion and experiential storytelling. Just because many events are currently online, does not mean these rules no longer apply.

2Heads partner with clients to create those emotional connections. Their in-house digital team launched its first virtual event in 2000 and have been innovating in support of live and hybrid events ever since culminating in their ETA nomination for Best Hybrid Event, Best Use of Tech for Engagement, Best Immersive Experience and Best Use of Tech at a Brand Event.


Over 10 years ago, 2Heads saw the benefit of a digital solution designed by event professionals for event professionals. EventHive™ was born, an intuitive, customisable digital suite of tools designed to be a pioneering solution in an ever-evolving event market and now used by brands such as BBC, Bombardier, Airbus, Freemantle and Scientific Games to support their brand communication campaigns.

Every component of EventHive™ has been developed to resolve event specific challenges with a specific software innovation, making EventHive™ one of the most nimble, efficient, yet bespoke event products on the market. Whether to support live, physical or hybrid experiences, EventHive™ has the solution and none is more relevant right now than EventHive™ VX.

EventHive™ VX is a Virtual Experience tool built from the feedback of twenty blue-chip brands for creating and hosting events that are as meaningful online as they are live.

An all in one platform for building a compelling event online, VX combines immersive story-telling through game engine integration, real-time rendering, time-scheduling and content streaming with a back office platform that has been managing meaningful collaborations for over ten years.

By utilising 2Heads award-winning collective of creatives, strategists and digital specialists to power their EventHive™ VX platform, brands such as Disney and Vodafone are now delivering immersive experiences that merges the limits of live and online.

2Heads | Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences | Virtually Anywhere.

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