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Event Industry News has extended its portfolio of purchasing guidance with the launch of the brand new Exhibition Buyer’s Guide.

Like many other sectors of the events industry, exhibition organisers are faced with a vast selection of contractors offering thousands of different solutions. The modern day exhibition may not even take place in a traditional exhibition hall.

This digital document features a collection of suppliers specifically working within the exhibition industry, allowing you to quickly and effectively source new and improved options for your event.

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Festival Buyers Guide 2016


Designed around mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers, the Festival Buyer’s Guide is a qualified, quality focus on best practice and innovation. Through features, case studies and interviews across the organiser/supply chain, it’s a readable route around contemporary industry patterns.

Articles in this issue include a look at the event policing puzzle post-Paris 2015, the CDM Regs revision (nearly) 12 months on, the growth in winter events, the technology for festivals market and much more.

Designed for the 2016 pace of life, the Festival Buyer’s Guide, in common with the modern events world, has to be easy to navigate and interact with. And it is, the most dynamic, up-to-date media resource for the industry.

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Welcome to the Event Tech Buyers Guide 2017, and to the latest incarnation of what has become the industry’s trusted source of information on this subject.

Over the past five year’s the Event Tech sector has exploded, bringing to market hundreds of new products and services that are all aiming to make running events easier and attending events more productive. With developers jostling for space in a crowded and competitive marketplace, having a means to effectively engage the target audience is invaluable. Event Industry News has been at the coalface of this sector from the start and is now in a completely unique position to be able to communicate with tech suppliers and tech buyers in almost equal capacities.

If you would like to be featured in or contribute to future editions of the Event Tech Buyer’s Guide, please get in touch email

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Ahead of Latitude’s 10th Birthday Melvin Benn talks to Virtual Festival about what comes next. Dick Tee chats to us about joining Grillstock and the challenges ahead for the new London site. The Energy Revolution discusses its shared effort with festivals to tackle climate change and much more.

Once again, Virtual Festival takes the idea of digital publishing and pushes it into new territory. Containing interactive features, video content and animated advertising, Virtual Festival is the most dynamic resource available to event organisers.

The Virtual Festival will stay online for a full 12 months, giving the industry plenty of time to digest all of the information that it contains.

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