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In this digital world it’s easy for employees to become disengaged. They are inundated with information which is continually delivered through multiple digital channels, as a result many companies are losing their human touch. A shocking 67% of employees worldwide say they aren’t engaged[1] and this is vital to a business’s growth and success. Employee engagement has a knock-on effect to workforce productivity and ultimately the success of a company. Companies in the upper quartile for employee engagement outperformed those in bottom units by 22% in profitability.[2] This proves it’s time shake up the way businesses engage employees and deliver change.

It’s difficult to get employees behind a new piece of technology when they aren’t given the resources and time to understand the genuine benefits to themselves and their companies. This is where events come into play. They hold the ability to capture attention, create meaningful personal experiences and encourage emotional response.

Experiential events allow individuals to engage with information directly, 65% of consumers say that live events help them to better understand a product or service.[3] This has provided marketeers who have come under increased pressure to break through advertising and marketing clutter, a unique opportunity. Last year saw 77% of marketeers using it as part of their strategy.[4] It’s likely that companies will soon open their eyes to the use of experiential for internal purposes too.

Whilst they may not compete with the ability of digital communication to deliver immediacy and volume, events create ever important and meaningful personal experiences. Events give companies the opportunity to reconnect with employees, engage in personal development, reinstate company culture and build relationships. Taking time to get face-to-face with your employees goes a long way and proves they are an important part of a company-wide mission.

Events not only hold the power to boost morale but also work to enhance learning and information retention. Change is implemented with the best of intentions, raising efficiency and improving process, but if employees aren’t engaged with said change, the new technology or process won’t be adopted successfully, wasting resources, time and money.

A key reason for resistance is because some people are reluctant to learn new skills, change their current way of working or become accustomed to a new technology. Research suggests a huge difference in information retention depending on how it was received, proving that interaction and engaging senses is far more effective than traditional methods:[5]

Events foster a space for learning in an open, collaborative and undistracted environment, 86% of employees say they learn what they need to know at work through collaboration.[6] Experience allows employees to learn through critical thinking and problem solving. They bridge the gap between theory and practice; getting involved, using immersive communication mediums such as AR and VR, debating and discussing all act to make the experience more positive and memorable. Learning new things isn’t always about information retention and there’s no reason why business change can’t be enjoyable.

It’s about time the uninspiring guides to new CRM systems which gather dust in drawers are culled from circulation. Let’s create experiences that define brands, drive workforces in open and collaborative environments and enhance change in an immersive way that emails couldn’t dream of. Let’s prioritise employee engagement, the heart of every business.

Written by Sadie Carrington – Business Development Executive

Sadie is Business Development Executive at Chameleon Event Production where her role fulfils both marketing and sales functions. She has been part of the company since August after graduating from the University of Bristol.

Chameleon, are a full service, live production events company who combine a flare for creativity with a complete dedication to delivery. Whether your working on a conference, sales meeting, product launch or activation, Chameleon are driven to delivering engaging commercially astute events that burst with personality. The company has 30 years of experience delivering brilliant events all over the world for some of the most exciting brands around.


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