At an incentive, your guests are already enjoying the picturesque sights, discovering new cuisines, landscapes and wines… Many will be partaking in exciting activities that reward and recognise their achievements. What they may not expect to find is a personal, unique element to their trip, and the thoughtfulness behind it. We recently worked with NCH Europe for their incentive in Croatia, on creating a personalised piece for their delegates.

NCH Europe is a world-leading company in water, energy and maintenance solutions. The client has worked with us for four years running and, each time we organise an incentive for them, one of their objectives is for the location to be represented in the event. For example, in this case: the Croatian culture, the city of Dubrovnik and the local cuisine. We conceived the idea of commissioning a local artist to produce a painting that would embody the passion and vibrancy that is portrayed in NCH’s teams. This would be reproduced in a beautifully personalised menu at the gala dinner. We spoke to many local artists and found Capt. Stjepko Mamic.

Stjepko was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, an ancient city surrounded by the sea and brimming with art and inspiration. From early childhood, he was inspired to express himself as a painter. His paintings are uniquely created with a palette knife in strong strokes, full of colour, light, and positive energy. From the very beginning, Stjepko made his own path with his art, pursuing an “ecological vision” of art’s place in contemporary life. This is art not as a luxury, but as an essential element of the contemporary household environment. He now beckons the wider public to take part in that vision. When we spoke with him, he was readily engaged in the idea and wanted to know all about the client to ensure his delivery was everything the client was looking for.

The awards ceremony and gala dinner were positioned on a hillside with the impeccable canvas-like backdrop of the sea and Dubrovnik city beneath them. On their tables awaited a framed reproduction of the painting Croatian artist Capt. Stjepko Mamic had made for the client, one for each guest, with the artwork on one side and their personalised menu on the other. Capt. Stjepko Mamic attended the dinner as an extra special touch. He spoke with the guests, describing the painting and how it represented Dubrovnik – the location of the event and where he was born – as well as bringing to life the passion of NCH Europe.

The local artist Capt. Stjepko Mamic is not only a painter, but also a ship’s captain. His internationally award-winning works are displayed in numerous galleries, museums and private collections across the globe. The painting created for the guests was an exclusive piece of original artwork for NCH. It really added to experience for the delegates by allowing them to have a memory and keepsake from the trip.

Guests were extremely impressed at the painting and it emphasised how a personal touch is so important to an event.

Rebecca Hawkings, Executive Assistant at NCH Europe, commented; “We’ve worked with drp since 2013 and they’re the only agency we have supporting us for our most prestigious event. After first seeing them in action at an event in 2007, I decided they’d be great to work with. I remembered them six years later and a great partnership was established. They have similar values to us – we’re both people-based companies and we recognise the importance of treating our staff with recognition and reward. The agency places a great deal of emphasis on personalisation, which is important – they understand that our events are all about the experience.

Below are some suggestions that we, as event organisers, can ensure various levels of personalisation for our delegates:

  • Bundles made personally for each delegate when they arrive to their hotel: “Welcome [and their name.]” …Sounds generic, but it really works.
  • Attention to detail for a delegate, this being a particular drink they like or even their favourite toiletries. Ensuring everyone is catered for in all their requirements – dietaries, and allergies for example – and being conscientious about this; never make them feel as though they are a burden.
  • Personalised check-in at the airport and at passport control – to make your guests feel even more special when they arrive, and of course that bottle of water….such a small thing, but we’re all aware of how welcome a sight it is when you’re thirsty!

Written by Jane Jones, Director of Project Management at drp


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