Trember: An all-in-one innovative event platform


trember is a German company that provides an all-in-one innovative virtual and hybrid event platform. At trember, you can organize conferences, online fairs, meetups and workshops, interactive networking sessions and panel discussions, and connect all these event formats into one customizable event space, possibly under your company’s brand. trember provides groundbreaking technologies that make event participants feel like they joined a real-life event.

So, what exactly does trember offer? Inside trember virtual rooms, guests’ videos play the role of avatars – yes, like it is planned for a metaverse but, instead of programmed avatars that just resemble real humans behind the screen, at trember one still can see real faces of other participants like it is in real life. Video-avatar can be moved by using a simple drag-and-drop to any point at a room.

To boost the ability of participants to connect online, trember is offering a special Proximity-Sound Mode. When this regime is activated, guests can mingle and move fluidly between conversational groups within the same room – and hear only participants who are close to them. One room can fit up to 50 people (25 in the basic version of trember). For smaller groups, it is possible to use the Equal-Sound Regime, where everyone can hear everyone no matter where they place their video avatars in a room.

trember also offers a Stage-View Mode for up to 1000 viewers in the audience, and up to 6 people on stage, unique by its Q&A sessions approach when a guest can “raise their hand” and get invited to stage. Another innovative feature is that it is possible to add videos on stage that would be synchronized for the whole audience while started by the organizer.

But does it mean that you can only organize events for up to 1000 people at trember? No, you can connect as many rooms as you want and have an event environment that will fit as many guests as you wish. Rooms can be connected with customizable side navigation, interactive virtual booth, or links posted inside virtual rooms that allow visitors to join different groups, virtual booths, or sessions without switching between multiple tabs.

trember provides enormous customization opportunities: guests can add pictures, videos, and drawings on the board behind avatars and share multiple screens. Event organizers can set up branded backgrounds and even white-label the event by changing the trember logo to their own.

As a part of customization, event organizers can also add integrations of their favorite tools: videos, documents, presentations, polls, whiteboards, games, etc.

Safety and security lie at the heart of this event hosting company. trember is made and hosted in Germany, making it a platform that meets the strictest European Data Protection Regulations. And if that is not enough, event organizers receive personal assistance from in-house specialists at each step of their event and have a point of contact to drawback to, in case of questions and inquiries.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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