SCOOCS, the All-in-One sustainable virtual & hybrid events platform


Do you know what produces 30.000kg of CO2? A two-day conference with 150 participants. To compensate for these emissions, we would need 2400 trees.

As sustainability advocates, even before Covid-19, these questions had always been on our minds. That’s why, while creating SCOOCS, it was clear that sustainability must be a part of our DNA, making SCOOCS the go-to sustainable virtual & hybrid events platform. Not least it is in our name (SCOOCS stands for Smart Customizable Online Offline Conferencesfor Sustainability).

1 million tons CO2 saved until 2022: our CO2 Calculator

We wanted companies to think about their CO2 emissions and to adopt a more sustainable model. That’s why we have created our CO2 calculator.


It’s very simple to use:

  1. Enter the city and country where your physical event would usually take place. If you are organizing a hybrid event, enter the location of your physical on-site event.
  2. Your participants can optionally fill in their profiles the city from where they would come from, and the transportation mode they would usually take (e.g. plane, train, car, bus).
  3. The system will then calculate each attendee’s CO2 footprint, and how much CO2 was saved in total!

The event’s global amount of saved CO2 will be displayed on the main event dashboard, and on the engagement board. Next to this we convert CO2 savings into the number of trees needed to compensate the same amount; this helps to have a more hands-on understanding of what the savings mean. Many companies have already achieved a better ecological footprint with SCOOCS. We have the goal of saving 1 million tons of CO2 until 2022, join us on this goal! You can create your next event in minutes with our free plan, click here!

A sustainable model for virtual and hybrid events

We foster environmental, social, and economic sustainable development dimensions altogether. We believe in the potential of digital tools to increase inclusiveness and knowledge access, and we care about one of the most important ethical issue in the digital world: privacy. We want to be sure all the data is handled properly and everyone is safe in our digital space. That’s why we thoroughly follow GDPR guidelines, all our servers are based in Frankfurt (Germany), and we are undergoing ISO 27001 certification. And last but not least, our fair pricing empowers all customers to thrive and to achieve sustainable results.

Sustainable virtual events platform solutions

But being sustainable doesn’t mean less performance, quite the opposite in the case of SCOOCS. With SCOOCS you get the best in class technology and excellent support. With our innovative features, such as the advanced matchmaking, poster booths, or our highly acclaimed networking tables, you will take your event to the next level! Thus, with SCOOCS, you will excel on a sustainable AND event experience.

Our caring and supportive team will be happy to help you adapt our different features to your event, and to show you our CO2 calculator in action! Book a demo with us, let’s create your sustainable event together! 


Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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