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This article was written by Sarah Platt, Co-founder and Director of livestream production company Kinura. Sarah is a virtual event and livestream consultant with 20 years industry experience in digital media, events and broadcasting. 

The hybrid event model isn’t new to us at Kinura. We’ve supported live stream, hybrid and virtual events since 2007. But as we transition to digital events becoming the norm, and tech firms push the boundaries of what a virtual event ‘platform’ can or should do, how do you break through the hype and minimize stress and complexity? We think what’s really useful is to keep things simple and strip it back to thinking in broadcast terms. Allowing for tech rehearsals in the budget, carefully considering location & talent, the pace and dynamism of the show – none of this is anything new to a live TV crew. But pulling a hybrid event together with a short lead time and social distancing can be a challenge. 

Unloading the technical delivery to an experienced team who are ‘platform agnostic’ gives you some security and a wider view. If you already chose a platform, focus on building a flexible and close working relationship with your livestream team. Kinura’s producers are carefully selected for their pragmatism, calm approach and knowledge of live streaming tech and platforms. Understanding what it takes to bring a broadcast together is essential. 

Here’s a few recent case studies to outline what’s possible:


World Energy Week is the largest annual gathering dedicated to global energy issues. We produced a 4 day hybrid event in 2020 with multiple conference tracks and breakouts . A studio was built at the client’s London HQ – essentially a backdrop, cameras, sound & lights.  A talkback earpiece for the host, monitors for viewing remote contributors, a rehearsed flow for live Q&A; pre-show technical checks with remote contributors,  live vision mixing, live streaming via Hopin. All this with a 10 week lead time and budget under 20k (event design and platform excluded)! 

Boots replaced their annual physical PR event with a fantastic hybrid broadcast, live streamed from a London studio via a bespoke microsite. Boots Christmas Showcase was hosted by Davina McCall, with other celebs and remote contributors beamed in, including Fearne Cotton and Julien McDonald. The broadcast brought to life a product showcase in a dynamic one hour programme. A 4k camera crew, creative producers, gaffers, autocue, sound and streaming engineers, editors and stylists on a covid-secure set. Not for the faint hearted but a resounding success at the higher end of what’s possible!

DS Smith went hybrid and virtual from their Impact Centre in Nov 2020 with a strong offering of live streamed content, hackathons and 360 video tours linking to deep dive content. Interviews and keynotes were shot in advance and polished to perfection and the live day took delegates on a journey with plenty of opportunity for feedback, networking and discussion. 

At Kinura, we are always happy to talk about your virtual or Hybrid event needs!


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