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In the dynamic world of event planning, finding reliable suppliers who can deliver quality and sustainability is paramount. The demand for eco-friendly solutions has always remained the same as the industry evolves. Enter Just Peel, an event supplier that has revolutionised the market with its innovative product, cupapeel. Since 2020, we have been setting new standards in the events sector with our UKCA-marked, non-polymer paper cups. We want to stand out as an event supplier that gets the job done.

The events industry has long grappled with the environmental impact of single-use plastics. Traditional solutions like PE and PLA-lined paper cups offer limited recyclability, leaving bar operators and event organisers with few viable alternatives. The surge in single-use plastics has become a pressing issue, with environmental sustainability being a critical concern. This is where cupapeel cups provide a much-needed solution.

Cupapeel is a natural paper alternative to traditional single-use plastics. Unlike paper cups lined with PE or PLA, cupapeel cups are fully recyclable, home-compostable, and biodegradable. They are PE/PLA-free, making them an environmentally friendly choice for any event. Additionally, these cups are fully brandable and manufactured in the UK, ensuring high quality and reducing the carbon footprint associated with overseas shipping.

The benefits of cupapeel extend beyond their end-of-life disposal. Often, plastic cups are imported from overseas or passed through numerous distributors before reaching their destination, which is inefficient and environmentally taxing. In contrast, Just Peel’s cups are printed and formed in the UK, meaning they only travel directly from the factory to the event site. This minimises unnecessary transportation, making the supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

Event planners know the importance of delivering supplies on time, especially when facing urgent requirements or last-minute changes. We have invested in a stock of paper cups to ensure we can meet urgent demands swiftly. Our ability to provide quick call-offs and manage flexible storage and on-site stock holding sets us apart from other suppliers. This readiness to respond to emergencies makes cupapeel a reliable partner for any event.

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromise

We offer more than just sustainable cups; we provide a comprehensive solution to branding and environmental education. Our cups can be fully branded in colour, turning every cup into a walking advertisement, an excellent sponsorship opportunity and a tool for educating consumers about sustainability. This dual function of the cupapeel cups helps event organisers promote their brand while supporting eco-friendly practices.

It’s good to have a sustainable option available to you but it’s great to have one that’s tried, tested and trusted in the market. With millions of drinks served in our cups across the UK it’s no surprise that our cups have been trusted at Isle of Wight Festival, Download, Leeds & Reading, BST @ Hyde park and dozens more.

The real-world application of cupapeel cups showcases their effectiveness. Events and festivals that have switched to cupapeel have seen significant environmental benefits without compromising quality or convenience. Testimonials from satisfied clients further underscore our products’ reliability and positive impact.

In an industry where reliability and sustainability are critical, cupapeel stands out as an event supplier that truly gets the job done. Our innovative cups provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional single-use plastics, and our commitment to quick and reliable delivery ensures that event organisers can depend on us even in urgent situations. With a clear message of sustainability and a proven track record, we are leading the way in transforming the events industry for the better. Whether for a large festival or a small gathering, choosing cupapeel means choosing quality, reliability, and a greener future.

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