How Curated Gift Boxes Transform the Hybrid Event Experience


The world of events is changing, and the demand for virtual and hybrid events is stronger than ever before. As event professionals explore innovative ways to set their meetings apart, many are turning to curated gift boxes to generate excitement, eliminate overcrowding, and help people feel appreciated for attending.

For 40 years, pc/nametag has helped professionals create safe event experiences that are both meaningful and memorable. With thousands of items to choose from, our team works with you to design a themed gift box that can be mailed to attendees prior to your event.

Use custom gift boxes in the following ways to improve the safety, efficiency and success of your event:

  • Offer Safe, Contactless Registration: Event registration is transforming; gone are the days of congested, time-consuming lines. Curated gift boxes are an ideal way to deliver registration materials to attendees before your event occurs. Mail them to attendees’ homes or work with your host hotel to provide boxes upon check-in.
  • Provide items that attendees can use before, during and after your event. Your curated box can hold a variety of items that attendees need, including event badges, lanyards, day-of agendas, sponsored materials and other branded promotional items. Attendees will also appreciate having health and safety items included, such as sanitizing wipes or a custom-printed face mask.
  • Create a more meaningful event experience for attendees. Attendees want to feel appreciated for coming to your event, and a curated gift box can give them the personalised experience they are looking for. Provide gifts they’ll enjoy using while also showcasing sponsors, driving memberships and setting the right tone for event activities.
  • Improve your event’s brand presence. When it comes to hybrid events, a physical box of gifts can help your organisation stand above the rest. Use curated gift boxes to create a shared experience among attendees. Encourage people to show off their event badge, t-shirt or other gifts by taking a photo and posting it to social media using your event’s hashtag.

Attendee gift box options are endless, making them the perfect strategy for improving event engagement. Help your attendees feel valued while also giving them the confidence and protection they need to fully participate at your gathering.


About pc/nametag

pc/nametag is here to help you create event experiences that are safe, enjoyable and unique. Our team of dedicated event specialists will help you design and curate the perfect gift box down to the smallest detail. Fulfillment services are also available. Send up to 5 items to our services team to be assembled, packaged and shipped to the location of your choosing.   

Make your next event a success by visiting to schedule a gift box design consultation, or to learn more about pc/nametag’s customizable name tags, badges, lanyards, badge ribbons, promotional products and printing services.


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