Balluun: Digitize your tradeshow for hybrid event and year-round engagement


Balluun is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions allowing event organizers to easily launch and run new digital tradeshow experiences for their B2B buyers and sellers. Trade show organizers and trade associations use Balluun’s highly configurable platform to launch their own branded digital experience tailored to their unique industry, audience, and business needs. From running hybrid/online events, to building a year-round digital community and generating new digitally based revenue, Balluun provides a full spectrum of technology options to support event organizers and their digital strategy needs.

Launch an online/hybrid event quickly with FlashEXTM

FlashEX™ is a fully branded online “flash exhibition” solution for event organizers to quickly launch an online digital marketplace event – whether it’s part of a stand-alone digital experience or part of a hybrid online/physical event.

A FlashEX powered platform offers the following to your event audience:

  • Searchable and browsable exhibitor showrooms and marketplace
  • Live social feed for the event community
  • Rich exhibitor-attendee engagement features (video conferencing, chat, etc)
  • AI powered matchmaking and lead tracking features
  • Online programming and sessions module
  • Meetings and scheduling features
  • Website CMS to curate the user experience as desired
  • A modern exhibitor directory
  • Mobile friendly across all device types

For event organizers, it provides:

  • Industry leading configurability to tailor the experience based on your brand and industry needs
  • Pre-built registration and payment processing flow
  • Numerous advertising and sponsorship provisions
  • Integration with CRM, web and other EventTech platforms
  • Powerful analytics with pre-built dashboards and deep-dive metrics

Your custom site can be ready for marketing and on-boarding in a matter of days and can also be seamlessly transitioned into a year-round experience that engages audiences 24/7/365.

To learn more about FlashEX, download the datasheet.

Engage your audience year-round with ENGAGE365TM

Balluun’s flagship solution ENGAGE365™ brings full B2B networking, product discovery, matchmaking, and e-Commerce to cover the end-to-end needs of B2B buyers and sellers. It offers unmatched breadth, depth and flexibility in technology and can accommodate even the most ambitious digital strategy. With ENGAGE365, you can own a B2B market network digitally and build an online destination for your industry. 

Generate new revenue

A digital platform that drives audience engagement and e-commerce activities (if desired) year-round can open up many new revenue opportunities for the organizer. All of our solution packages offer flexible monetization options including flat participation fees, subscriptions, advertising/sponsorships, paid educational content, and software licensing.

To understand more on how Balluun can support your hybrid event and 365 digital strategy, contact us for a personalized demo.


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