An Attendee-centric Experience for Virtual and Hybrid Events: Communique Conferencing


An Attendee-centric Experience for Virtual and Hybrid Events, Driven by Artificial Event Intelligence

Communique Conferencing has been the leading virtual conference platform and hybrid event platform provider since 2001 serving mid-to-large size corporations and non-profit organizations globally. Communique offers clients a choice of hybrid event options including a highly customized 3D virtual environment or a simpler 2D, plug and play, hybrid event experience. The platform scales to 100,000+ concurrent attendees and is ISO 27001 certified for data security. 

Communique’s award winning Webcast service offers live broadcast capabilities including feed inputs from webcams as well as production quality video streamed from an on-site camera crew. Communique’s client Success Squad helps with set up, speaker prep and dedicated live day support to help clients deliver engaging presentations that wow audiences. The platform also comes with audience engagement tools including Q&A, polls and surveys. For global events, Communique offers live language interpretation in 29 languages. 

Participants can search and visit virtual booths to consume content and engage with reps via text or video chat. Booths can include a welcome video and a variety of content including documents, videos or links to web pages. 


At the heart of successful hybrid events is engagement, which is where Communique excels.  The Communique platform integrates sophisticated A.I. capabilities that allow for a unique, personalized event experience with Netflix style content matching and networking suggestions. MyAgenda enables attendees to create and save their own personal agenda for a curated experience. Booth sponsors can engage with attendees via text or video chat. Attendees can also schedule meetings with Booth Representatives. Organizers can also include entertainment surprises to add an element of fun and make the virtual experience memorable including games and prizes, social media wall, virtual photo booth, yoga breaks, or a curated Spotify playlist.

Finally, Communiques experienced customer Success Squad helps clients plan, build, customize and execute successful virtual and hybrid events. Professional services are available to assist with everything from graphic design to booth sponsor support.

Contact Details:

North America: 866-332-2255 or 202-266-0058

United Kingdom: 0808 238 0649

Australia: +61 290380429

Singapore: +65 68185569


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