10-11 Carlton House Terrace creates Carlton Virtual Studio


10-11 Carlton House Terrace have ensured they stay ahead of the curve with their newly built, state-of-the-art virtual events studio in London’s heart.

Carlton Virtual Studio has been created in collaboration with event production specialists, Oxygen Events, and is an exciting addition to one of the most impressive conference venues central London has to offer. The historic venue provides a sleek and luxurious backdrop well-suited to all kinds of virtual and hybrid events, including panel discussions, major presentations, and educational talks.

The 10-11 team recognise that engagement is one of the hardest things to reproduce in an online setting and so the studio has been designed to maximise opportunity for it. The stage and backdrop have been kept deliberately plain to allow for total customisation, as well as provide plenty of branding opportunity – both being great ways to ensure delegates experience something new and memorable, on top of reinforcing their brand loyalty. A pair of large, on-stage flatscreens work well for displaying live audiences during and between events, allowing the host to interact with the ‘crowd’ and further increase the feeling of involvement.

Flexibility and convenience are qualities at the core of this virtual studio. The set-up and all associated equipment can be moved around to your hearts content, making this virtual and hybrid events venue a dream for organisers with a specific brief or strict setting requirements. You can easily play up or play down the beautifully historic features and charm of the space too, ultimately creating a backdrop that best suits you and your audience.


Of course, a top virtual events studio has to come with an incredibly high standard of AV and Carlton Virtual Studio definitely delivers. Just some of the highlights from this high-tech set-up includes studio-quality lighting, two HD cameras and dedicated vision system, two laptops and a MacBook (for different streams of content, live audiences, etc.), as well as an audio system with four radio microphones.

Whilst having such a high standard of kit means a more professional event production, it also means proper technical help should be involved. Luckily, the 10-11 team have thought ahead on this one too. Ensuring that every event here runs seamlessly, the hire price of the space already includes a 5-person AV team, supplied by Oxygen Events. It also includes 8-hour hire of the Reading Room (where the studio is located), the adjacent Library as a back-of-house space, and all of the AV equipment mentioned.

Here, ‘history and opulence’ meets ‘digital and contemporary’ in the most exciting way possible. It’s a wonderfully unique choice of virtual studio compared to many of those offered by other meeting and conference venues in London and all we can say is: prepare to have your best virtual or hybrid event yet at Carlton Virtual Studio.

Contact Details:

020 7969 5224


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