Virtual and hybrid with live event atmosphere


As we embark on 2021 and the challenges of event restrictions continue, event production company Showcase continues its quest to produce events with a live atmosphere. Creating virtual and hybrid events that people want to watch, be a part of and actually engage with.

So how do they do this?
Ben Collings, founder and MD of Showcase explains: “ We’ve always had the ethos of being ahead of the curve, so when live events were put on pause we had already developed the technology to produce virtual and hybrid. So we could hit the ground running.”

What exactly goes into making these events so atmospheric? It all starts with having a creative approach. Technology, content and design all push boundaries; their live events followed this and now it’s the turn for hybrid and virtual.

It all happens in their four London based live streaming studios, two at Bankside Hotel on South Bank and the other two at St. Ermin’s in Westminster. It’s no coincidence that Showcase has decided to set up here, both hotels have been designed with creativity and individuality in mind, and their surroundings no doubt influence not only Showcase but their clients and clients’ clients. Both follow government Covid guidelines.

Versatility, that’s what you get if you choose Showcase, head down to their live studios and you’ll see the latest in LED technology and control software, it’s these that play a large part in providing flexibility. The screens (Bankside’s is an impressive 7m x 2.5m LED) offer the ability to change the backdrop, scenario or event at the flick of a switch; conference one moment, award ceremony the next.

Flexibility continues… their studio spaces have the ability to swap from a virtual to a hybrid event and vice versa. This is down to the hotels’ abilities to react quickly and efficiently to the current government guidelines.

What is a hybrid event?
Might be a phrase you’ve heard, but not 100% sure what it involves. It’s where you invite a selection of your top delegates to one of our studios – a good way to make them feel special. Then an unlimited number of delegates take part virtually.

Online Platform


This is no live streaming one-stop shop template, it’s a tailored flexible solution for hybrid and virtual events. It’s been created especially for the events industry, based on research and discussions with the end user, the platform is available at an entry level model to which you can add your own bolt-ons, so making it a truly bespoke offering.

You get all you’d expect from a live event: pre-launch marketing, registration, exhibition, live stage, exhibitors and visitor tracking & analytics, polling, live Q&A, chats and sponsorship. The platform can be made fully e-commerce so if you want to sell tickets for your event, then that’s another role it can fulfil, all run through their secure servers, so giving delegates an authentic experience. Plus they put your brand on it.

A recent addition to the platform is EVENTalytics, a software package created by Showcase, it provides invaluable insights into attendance and engagement. Showcase’s platform tracks attendees movement whilst on the event, tracking what people have watched and for how long, as well as giving you vital information about the delegates themselves such as geographical location and job role. However the development of EVENTalytics gives event professionals what they really want, analytics of the data, presented in easy to adsorb reports, top level graphs and tables rather than lines and lines of raw data. These enlightening professional reports can then in turn be presented to sponsors and stakeholders enabling them to see their return on investment as well as being used to secure future event sponsorship.

Remote filming
Showcase’s green screen technology enables them to create an extra level of visual interest to your event. Alongside the ability to provide stunning backgrounds that change swiftly and easily, it also allows them to bring speakers together who aren’t actually in the same room.

If people can’t make it to the studio, they simply send them one of their green screen kits and film them wherever they are, they then film the speaker in their studio and finally overlay the films. The result: two people talking to each other as if they were under the same roof.

With virtual and hybrid events set to become a permanent fixture, expectations are going to be raised, so if you’d like to find out how Showcase can inject some live event atmosphere into your business meeting, AGM, conference, seminar, awards ceremony, in fact any event get in touch.

Prefer visuals to the written word, then watch this. 

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Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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