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Whatever the size, location and scale of your event, water is a critical consideration in your planning.

The 2024 AGF (A Greener Future) Annual Sustainability Report analysed supply chains from more than 40 festivals and found that water consumption at large-scale events has increased to an average of 26 litres per person per day, up from 19 litres in 2022, as consumer demand grows for free access to drinking water. Larger festivals such as Glastonbury can consume more than three million gallons of water over five days.

As an event organiser are you fully aware of your obligations?

In England and Wales, the Private Water Supplies Regulations apply to ensure events provide a ‘wholesome and sufficient’ water supply for the duration of an event.

Every event is required to provide wholesome drinking water for events, with the British Standard Code of Practice (BS8551:2015) stating that:

  •  Where possible drinking water should be provided from a mains supply, but where this is not available, an alternative quality assured water supply should be used
  •  All water dispensing equipment should be cleaned and maintained
  •  A sufficient number of drinking water supply points should be made available
  •  Drinking water supply should be within easy access of catering facilities
  •  Water points should be clearly marked and unobstructed

As the UK’s leading supplier of both planned and emergency alternative water supply, Water Direct has both the experience, expertise and infrastructure to ensure the provision of quality-assured water to any event. You can rest assured that the temporary water supply will be fully compliant with these current standards, which were adopted by the team over a decade ago.

Our team works 24/7 to deliver planned and emergency water supply to events anywhere in the UK. However, complex the planning, or the scale of any onsite or offsite supply, we can support you rapidly and effectively to ensure the highest quality of water is available for the duration of your event.

A high-quality solution for every event

Operating the UK’s largest dedicated drinking water tanker fleet, we ensure you are provided with a complete, quality assured service to any event. Our services include a variety of ways to provide water for events, including water bowser and static tanker hire, water tankers and bottled water.

On-site water tanks

Our static tanks and bowsers can be installed and maintained at multiple site locations to present a versatile solution for event organisers. They can function as standalone drinking water stations or be connected to on-site facilities such as catering and washrooms for a longer-term, temporary water supply. As part of your contingency planning, our fleet of dedicated water tankers can be on standby to replenish supply with up to 30,000 litres per load. Our static tanks come in a range of sizes, from 1,100 to 10,000 litres with larger vessels available by custom order.


Designed for smaller-scale events, our innovative 1,000-litre Aqube™ vessels provide a sustainable choice. Thanks to its wooden pallet base, cardboard packaging and plastic liner the Aqube™  is fully recyclable after use by simply breaking down the container and recycling locally.

Wholesale bottled water

We store over four million litres of carefully managed bottled water across 23 different sites in the UK meaning it’s ready for rapid delivery, to any location at any time.

Our bottled water comes in a range of sizes and is a top pick for event organisers, with a variety of bottle sizes and sustainable options.

Trust your event to the UK’s most capable supplier

Our strategic alliance with MTD UK & Ireland, and acquisition of Liquiline further enhances our ability to supply large-scale events across the UK.

With an end-to-end service that can include contingency planning and 24/7 assured response, we will ensure your event has fresh water for drinking, catering and sanitation, even in the event of a supply interruption or contamination.

We ensure that water supply issues do not compromise your event’s success, therefore, you can focus on making your event memorable with the reassurance that your water supply is in safe hands.

If you have a need for an alternative water supply on a planned, last minute or same day basis, the team at Water Direct are available to give free advice on bespoke temporary water solutions. We’re here to help. Call us on 0345 3451725 or visit our website at

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