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Much of the last nearly two years has been about adding value, be it functional or financial, to the virtual world – tech companies of all shapes and sizes building walkable, workable bridges across the Covid-19 torrent for businesses everywhere.

In 2022, with this coronavirus ‘controlled’ to an extent at least, the hope is for events to be able to mix in much more flesh and blood traffic to the event model, backed up/enhanced by the best in contemporary thinking.

In Top Tech for 2022 we look at a mix of companies and their next wave of solutions, from super-smart apps building on shows’ reach, incorporated 3D venue maps, speaker holograms, the very latest hybrid platforms, virtual venues and much more. It’s all here. A hybrid hoedown.

Trember: An all-in-one innovative event platform

trember is a German company that provides an all-in-one innovative virtual and hybrid event platform. At trember, you can organize conferences, online fairs, meetups and workshops, interactive networking sessions and panel discussions, and connect all these event formats into one customizable event space, possibly under your company’s brand. trember provides groundbreaking technologies that make event participants feel like they joined a real-life event.

So, what exactly does trember offer? Inside trember virtual rooms, guests’ videos play the role of avatars – yes, like it is planned for a metaverse but, instead of programmed avatars that just resemble real humans behind the screen, at trember one still can see real faces of other participants like it is in real life. Video-avatar can be moved by using a simple drag-and-drop to any point at a room.

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At Canapii, we have witnessed a tremendous rise in the use of the virtual and hybrid format. These events deliver rich experiences of a remote and physical event simultaneously. We believe that these events will continue to grow in popularity and evolve in ways we have never seen before.

Here are some of the event tech trends in Canapii that will get you excited about hybrid:

  • Badges will be printed and distributed among attendees to allow a smooth and contactless check-in in the venue. Event organizers can customize and include branding, QR code, attendee name, company name, profile photo, event agenda overview and many more in the badge.
  • Personal identification checks will be required and facilitated seamlessly through QR/RFID scanning. Replacing physical tickets with RFID bands or badges for in-person events will streamline the guest experience. It will also allow organizers to track the movement of attendees by having Bluetooth beacons and RFID scanners installed across the venue.

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Tech to watch out for in 2022, how events are increasing revenues with Evessio

As we welcome a new year we also welcome new events and new event tech. With digital and hybrid events here to stay, choosing the best virtual venues and event management software has never mattered more. From the ease of registration to engaging virtual venues, user experience from start to finish is paramount. Get it right and you can double participation, expand sponsorship deals, lower carbon footprint, reduce costs and ultimately increase revenue. 
With many exciting and diverse options available, how do you know what’s right for your events? Here’s how Evessio can help increase your revenues by up to 30% in the first year. 

Evessio has four core products; The Events Room, The Events Hub, The Awards Room and The Awards Hub. The Awards Room and The Events Room are virtual venues that provide inclusive networking opportunities like no other platform whilst the Events Hub and Awards Hub grants you all the functionality to create events, process registrations and manage events. Evessio’s powerful event management software and unique virtual venues provide attendees, hosts and sponsors with a seamless experience from start to finish. 

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EventsAIR: It’s one giant leap for hybrid events!

The events industry is gradually transitioning back to in-person events after two-years of COVID-induced hiatus. While this is great news for event planners, the truth is the learnings of the past 24 months mean hybrid is likely to be the default event format for at least some time to come. Thankfully, EventsAIR has spent the pandemic developing industry redefining technology to support organizers in this next evolution.

Bringing It All Together

The main goal of the EventsAIR Hybrid Event Solution Suite is to deliver seamless and successful events for both in-person and virtual attendees, while simultaneously bridging the gap between the two worlds. The groundbreaking AIRCast Studio within the OnAIR virtual platform allows events managers to remotely control and flawlessly incorporate multiple audio, visual, onsite, and online inputs.

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Totem – Built on 25 years of event experience

By Christopher Bo Shields, Co-founder, Totem

At Totem, we’re not just about providing an online events platform. We believe the most important thing we can bring as an event-tech provider is to be a true partner, one that truly understands the needs and pressures that event organisers face. We invest everything in ensuring that your event – whether it happens online, offline or both – goes smoothly.

We have 25 years of experience in the events industry and we created our virtual events platform in 2020 with the aim of reimagining the events landscape in the wake of the pandemic. Totem’s suite of tools helps event organisers to engage their audiences in blended hybrid event landscapes and to do so while minimising their carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on being agile and able to develop new features at speed, always with the aim of keeping delegates engaged.

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Host memorable virtual or hybrid events with Let’s Get Digital

Let’s Get Digital is an all-in-one virtual event platform for online, hybrid and in-person events. It helps you create remarkable event experiences that are remembered for a long time.

Our user-friendly robust virtual event platform designed for event professionals to create and host whether a business conference, a scientific congress, a trade fair or even a music festival, at ease with online networking solutions, centralized data and features that will make your event stand out.

We connect people via unique event experiences. Event organizers can benefit from smart matchmaking, fine-grained insights and much more to build a close-knit community and lots of buzz around their brand.

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MeetingPlay + Aventri: One software powerhouse for all your meetings and events

MeetingPlay + Aventri provide the industry’s most complete, full-service event software for meetings and events of all types and sizes.

With our market-leading service and innovation, we’ll help you delight your audience by capturing all of what makes your meetings and events so special.

Solving your unique meeting and event challenges while creating an elevated, frictionless experience for everyone is our passion.

We back it all with robust data that gives you deep insights into your audience and helps you demonstrate the value of your meetings and events to stakeholders.

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Conference Compass: Top Tech for 2022

Conference Compass has developed Mobile and Virtual Event Platforms that enable any organization or client to create an event that achieves participant engagement and the establishment of an active community. The last two years of the global pandemic have been challenging yet incredibly important for our growth as a company. The virtual and hybrid event format will likely dominate the upcoming year of 2022. At Conference Compass, we determined which features worked and which ones had to be further developed to ensure that our platforms would provide the best event experience for both organizers and participants.

Gamification feature

One of the best ways to work towards audience engagement is through gamification. This feature allows organizers to determine which behaviors on the platform they would like to ‘reward’ with associated points. Event participants can see where they are on the leaderboard based on the amount of time they have networked, interacted, attended, etc. 

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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