The Best Venues Worldwide – by event professionals for event professionals


As an event planner finding the right venue can be one of the most time consuming tasks when planning an event and often search platforms and venue websites can make it even harder by not providing you with the right information quickly enough or suggesting venues and hotels that are unsuitable.  

Cue Eventopedia, a venue search platform built by event professionals for event professionals. Eventopedia knows and understands these frustrations and pains because we have experienced them first hand and is why Eventopedia was created.

What makes us different?

Advanced relevant search filters


Often venue finding websites only ask you for the basic detail; location and capacity and then give you a list of options which you have to spend time checking if they then match with your other requirements. Our platform enables event planners to filter by a range of categories, such as ‘classic’, ‘funky’, ‘ballroom’, rooftop bar’ so planners can find precisely the type of space to suit their event. We are constantly evolving the platform and welcome any feedback so do get in touch!

If you don’t know exactly what you want, fear not as Eventopedia also has a Google style free text search function providing the ease of use of Google with more refined search results than Google can provide, which are thus specific to the meetings & events industry. So you can be as vague or specific as you want and you will get the best results. 

Simple RFP process 

By using the plan your event feature, you can filter the search results, save your favourite spaces and then send your enquiry out to all of them in one go which is a massive time saver! Remember to limit your enquiries to the 3 most appropriate venues to save you time reading unnecessary proposals. This will also help venues respond quicker and in a more personalised way in the long term.  Eventopedia knows and understands the RFP process well, having been through it ourselves from both sides of the market.

The Eventopedia approach is to help you find the most suitable venues for your events and lets you connect directly with hotels & venues sales teams. There is no one better to speak with about your event than the venue itself so we don’t get in the way or dictate the format in which you engage with the venues. Once you enquire with a venue via the platform they will be in touch directly. Top tip; when you enquire with the venues be as detailed about your event as possible to avoid having too much back and forth questions and hopefully allowing the venue to send a quote straight away!

Democtratic searching

Now you’re probably thinking this is all amazing but how can I know these venues in my search list are really suited to my event and aren’t just appearing because of paid profiles like many of the venue finding platforms? At Eventopedia we believe in providing an independent and democratic search platform whereby all the search results represent the best match with the search criteria you have entered. As seasoned event planners, we know how frustrating it can be to visit a listing site and search for venues, only to be presented with a list of options that don’t match with the event brief partly because those results are influenced by sponsors. Our location filter is powered by Google so it filters out venues closest to your location search then uses the remaining filters to narrow down the list based on the information you have selected. You can search by location using a City, area, location, postcode, street name, public transport or any other feature that is listed in Google Maps. The platform is free for both event planners and venues. 

We are a community and love sharing experiences

Eventopedia is backed by a community of senior event planners, which is led by an Eventopedia Committee supporting the on-going development of our services. Our teams are involved in a handful of event planner focus groups, which enables us to tailor services according to the current needs & requirements of the community. We are constantly evolving and want to make our platform the only one you use to help you plan your event and would love feedback of what tools will help make your life easier. 

One thing we feel the industry is missing are venue and supplier reviews! We review everything else in our life so why not share our knowledge and experience of venues and suppliers with your event planner peers. Have you recently had a good experience at a venue or want to share how you used a venue then check out our Reviews page. You need to be a verified member of Eventopedia to review a venue or supplier. There is a link on the venue or supplier page that will start the quick review process.

We are Global!

We know that as event planners you are often not planning events in your home city and you might be tasked to search for venues & hotels all over the world so why waste time trying to find venue finding platforms for that city or country or scour the Google trying to find the best options when you could just stick with Eventopedia. We have over 35,000 event spaces listed across 60 cities globally and all of our cities are considered top destinations for events. The platform is growing and we are building more features like supplier searches and review that will help you plan your events easier and quicker. If you want to share your thoughts, missing venues, suppliers or anything else please do get in touch.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.