Still using post-it notes? Networking at conferences and events: why you need an AI tool 


Are you still using pen and paper to organize your events? Believe it or not, this is still happening. 

Organizers of ‘meeting-based’ events, like ‘hosted buyer’, use post-it notes to match the right buyers and suppliers so they can meet and do business. 

There are several problems with this approach. It’s extremely time-consuming, making last minute changes is nearly impossible, plus it’s pot luck if the right buyers and suppliers are matched and have a valuable meeting. But thanks to new technology such as Grip, we can put pens and post-it notes firmly back in the stationery cupboard.  Here’s how we do it…

How does AI work for matchmaking at events?

Grip’s innovative event matchmaking technology is powered by artificial intelligence. It provides networking matches based on various algorithms. 

First, attendees sign up to the app and create a profile by providing key information (either themselves or imported from another app). Once a profile has been created, they can start networking with other attendees and exhibitors right away. The more a user interacts with the app,  the more recommendations they’ll get to meet relevant people. This matchmaking experience can be enjoyed by all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and VIPs, before, during and after the event. 

How can AI be used to improve event experiences?

Once you have the basic recommendations, the AI constantly works behind the scenes to make smarter recommendations. Much like subscription services such as Netflix, Grip is constantly working to offer improved recommendations based on what your participants have done before. That data can be taken from interactions, product views, session interest,  likes and searches within the event platform. 

For every positive recommendation (e.g. meeting requested or interest shown), your participants will receive even better opportunities to engage with each other at the event. For every product they don’t like, the AI learns it’s not of interest to them and moves on. 

This process doesn’t just benefit the individual either. Having potentially thousands of similar audience types in the same room means the software can create look-alike audiences, showing profiles that match as it starts to learn what these participants interact with and respond to. Every time an event participant interacts within Grip, it improves the experience for all the other attendees too. 

Today, advanced matchmaking and networking AI means events are now more valuable for your participants. They are better tailored to what they want to achieve. For example, better matching between buyers and suppliers means the potential for millions of dollars in deals to be done at your next event. This results in happier participants now they can demonstrate ROI, you’ll achieve a higher NPS and most importantly more rebookings. Plus you don’t need to spend hours laboring over a sea of post-it notes. A win-win for everyone involved! 

For more on AI powered meeting-based events, check out Grip’s MIP Cancun case study [Click here to download the case study]


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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