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Showcase’s events have been pushing creative boundaries for over 20 years and now they are doing the same with technology, not that they were slackers in that department before. Our industry is facing new challenges on a daily basis to create experiences that match the buzz and atmosphere of a live event, but that also comply with current government guidelines and regulations. Showcase’s tech and creative teams have embraced these challenges and just happen to think that they have found the solution with the addition of a dedicated live streaming department. This is not just another streaming service but four offerings enabled by today’s technology, to give clients what they are desperate for – a live event experience.

This collection offers the flexibility of working in a live environment together with digital and remote content so creating experiences that can be completely virtual or hybrid.

Event streaming
Their production service, this can include live or pre-recorded content, streamed into single or multiple broadcasts. Content comes in the usual forms such as; presentations, imagery and videos as well as sponsor messaging and adverts between sessions.

Whilst it’s all created from behind a screen, ultimately they are event professionals so a dedicated project manager oversees everything, just as they would in the good old days.

Virtual events
A dedicated ‘virtual online platform’ created by Showcase themselves. Think of it as way of them hosting your event, which can be attended by anyone from anywhere.

Swap the phrase ‘a web-based portal’ for ‘event venue’ and you begin to get the picture, it also promotes the event during lead-up as well as hosting it. It’s just like the real thing, attendees can walk around and connect with key sponsors and exhibitors. Traditional event ‘stages’ are replicated through multiple streams of live and /or pre-recorded content.

Seen this already? Got bored? Well Showcase is only too aware of the extra creativity a virtual event needs to bring it to life, and they feel that this is where their 20 years of experience comes in.

Hybrid events
Where physical and virtual audiences get together. So how’s that possible? You can now invite a limited number of people to your confex or perhaps awards ceremony in a traditional venue environment, so couple this with live streaming and you’ve got yourself an event with atmosphere and maximum audience numbers. No wonder it’s so popular.

Showcase has collaborated with St. Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster, a historic, characterful central London hotel, designing configurations that comply with the new regulations and have installed a permanent live stream studio there. Having a dedicated home for their ‘Hybrid’ event offering ensures a safe, regulated event environment is ready and waiting to go live.

Tom Walsh, Director of Sales at St. Ermin’s explains: “ Showcase Live Streaming hybrid events is just what the industry needs right now. The technical ability to blend the live event and live streaming should not be underestimated, and that’s one of the main reasons we have chosen to partner with Showcase”.

Online platform
This is where your event lives, no matter if it’s 100% virtual or hybrid. It’s the clever bit of tech that does a lot of the hard work quietly in the background. It can be tailored to suit your needs, including fulfilling delegate registration with an e-commerce option to manage all ticket purchasing should your event be pay-to-attend.

To give you a true ‘event’ experience a 3D floorplan can allow delegates to navigate the virtual venue, discover content streams, event schedules, sponsor and exhibitor areas and event information.

As with any event it’s all about the stats and something that has not been overlooked in the offering. Reports can show event planners what their registered users were viewing and advise sponsors just how much traction they received.

Showcase are the first to admit that they can’t wait to be back out on-site building sites and transforming venues but that’s
not possible right now, so it’s all about making the virtual and hybrid come to life. Managing Director and Founder Ben Collings comments: “ Usually it’s all about the physical presence but that’s all changed, or has it? The desire for a live event hasn’t changed just the way we deliver it, our toolkit is now film, green screen and 3D technology, enabling us to bring speakers in different locations to your event stage. It’s even more important that events have a human feel and energy and not just a static event streamed onto your laptop and that’s why we’ve concentrated on when developing Showcase Live Streaming.”

To learn how Showcase Live Streaming can bring your event a good mix up visit: or contact: E: T: 08458 336 515

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