The Provision Events team have a wealth of experience in delivering incredible simulator experiences spanning across 17 years. Covering a wide range of sports including golf, cricket, tennis and more, nothing is beyond Provision’s proficiencies.

With a dominance in golf, Provision have delivered immersive golf experiences across multiple major golfing events such as the Ryder Cup 2021, The BMW PGA Championship 2021, and the 2020 Players Championship. Their competencies lie within the gameplay they create, replicating some of golf’s most iconic locations. Bespoke hole mapping such as Tron like virtual worlds or even mapping on the surface of the moon, allows them to deliver the highest standard of sports technology. With the addition of data capture options such as leaderboards makes their entire simulator experience impeccable from start to finish. Provision’s ability to tailor their golf simulator experiences to such detail is what defines them as sport activation specialists.  

As build and delivery partners of BatFast, Provision deliver captivating simulator experiences in cricket, tennis, and baseball. For both Provision and BatFast, their passion revolves around encouraging participation especially within minority groups. Across all the sporting simulators Provision offer, their team always ensure that their experiences are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Their event management team take great pride in encouraging the younger generation to pick up a golf club or cricket bat for the first time!

Creating an outstanding visual spectacle is another distinct quality to Provision’s sporting simulators. With a vast inventory of structures options to house their simulators, Provision gives brands, agencies and rights holders the tools to maximise their exposure at events. Using some of the most sustainable products on the market, the distinctive look of a Provision Events simulator certainly diverts the attention of sports fans!

With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor solutions, Provision can deliver simulator experiences that cover any sport, location and event. As an increasingly popular feature at sports events, there is no better way for brands to yield their relationship with sports fans. Visit their website to explore the breadth of simulators Provision have to offer or drop them a line to discuss how their simulator options can be a great addition to your event.


Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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