Optimize Your Virtual, Physical, and Hybrid Event Data with RainFocus


Virtual events offer a world of untapped potential for events teams. When compared with physical event data, virtual event insights empower teams to manage, deliver, and optimize their events like never before. The RainFocus Platform merges cross-event data, brings companies and their customers together, and gives stakeholders a single, shared view of event success.

How does it work?

Effortlessly Scale Your Event

Most companies are achieving up to six times the number of registrations they’ve had in years past by switching to virtual. With such a large influx of registrations, the ability to scale is a necessity. The RainFocus Platform is built on a powerful BI foundation that enables you to accept thousands of simultaneous registrations, logins, and interactions with live, simulive, and on-demand sessions all without bogging down. Track duration, conversions, and engagement like never before all with the peace of mind that your data is secure with GDPR and CCPA compliance.


Provide Personalized Experiences

With over one million virtual attendees and counting this year, RainFocus is paving the way for events teams to build the ideal hybrid experience for attendees. With intelligent workflows and automated recommendations, you can tailor recommendations for your attendees making it much easier for them to discover the value of your event whether they are attending virtually or in-person. These recommendations are served up in a slick Event Portal alongside the attendee’s event schedule, session catalog, exhibitor catalog, chat functions, meeting scheduling, and more. As attendees engage with the Event Portal, you’ll gather real-time insights that will help you deliver an even greater experience.

Pivot With Built-In Flexibility

With centralized data and analytics, RainFocus enables you to view engagement for every event regardless of event delivery format (virtual, physical, or hybrid) and empowers you to pivot quickly as conditions change. This flexibility empowers you with consistent processes and experiences for managing attendees and speakers while providing exhibitors with unparalleled value—no matter the format of your event.

Provide Exhibitor Value

With RainFocus there are plenty of insights to share. Whether your event is virtual, physical, or hybrid, you can provide exhibitors with an interactive virtual presence to attract and capture leads at an unprecedented scale. The Virtual Booth is a customizable hub where each exhibitor can chat with attendees, promote SWAG, accept and deliver meetings, show demos, provide additional content, and more. Sponsorship sales become much more valuable with a centralized leads portal that provides instant access to booth analytics, leads (both virtual and physical), and overall event performance.

Integrate Seamlessly

Exhibitors aren’t the only ones who will gain access to leads. The RainFocus Platform integrates directly to your company’s marketing and sales tech stack to ensure event-qualified leads are being captured and delivered to sales. The integrations work as a bi-directional sync to consolidate event tech spend and streamline efficiency. RainFocus integrations also enable you to plug in your preferred streaming provider for session content while maintaining all of your event behavioral data in the platform as well as your registration and exhibitor data.

Optimize Data

With all of your data united, you’ll be able to view trends, make adjustments in real-time, and quickly build reports to share with stakeholders. Our Global Reporting enables you to analyze cross-event behavior from one dashboard. Additionally, we provide you with comprehensive conversion data and benchmarks which have been tailored to fit different event sizes, whether they are virtual, physical, or hybrid.

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