One World Rental win Best Technology Partnership with Givergy at the Event Technology Awards


One World Rental was thrilled to win Best Technology Partnership with Givergy at the Event Technology Awards 2020. Their winning case study showed they achieved £596,000 for an event whose target was £100,000. It was just one of the 315 events that month, (100K guests total) and an average of 10.5 events per day globally. How do they continue to achieve success?

Says Managing Director Kashif Din, “Our mission, (unlike everything else this year) hasn’t changed in the face of Covid-19. In fact, it’s more relevant than ever. Our clients appreciate that they continue to receive successful and scalable experiences driven by technology.”

“One World Rental eliminates the complexities of location, environment and technology; to deliver meaningful event solutions that inspire and captivate.”

One of the largest inventories of technology hardware globally from laptop rental & iPad rental to WiFi, event technicians, project management, their own logistics team all help to contribute to this.


Recently relevant products and services include:

Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions

In the changing events environment, One World Rental supply products and services bespoke to each client’s requirements and have recently included:

  • Software recommendation
  • Speaker equipment for enhanced feeds
  • Pre-event production
  • Live-event production from studio or virtual support
  • Post production
  • Engaging activities like VR

Immersive Reality Solutions

Audiences are craving engaging experiences which can easily be achieved by using immersive reality solutions like VR. Providing activities suitable for the event and sending individual headsets and add-ons to each attendee can help with creating just that.

One World Rental offers user-friendly, affordable technology & services. They create events that are unique, successful, relevant, whether live, virtual or hybrid.

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