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As an event professional, you understand the importance of connecting attendees at your exhibition. Matchmaking and networking tools are essential in ensuring the success of your event. However, with so many available options, choosing the right solution for your specific needs can be challenging.

Large exhibitions often struggle with inefficient matchmaking and networking, resulting in missed opportunities and a less successful event. One of the main challenges in exhibitions is the sheer number of attendees, making it difficult to ensure that everyone is able to connect with the people they need to. This can lead to a lack of engagement and a lack of ROI for exhibitors and sponsors.

Another challenge in exhibitions is the limited time attendees have to find the right people among a large crowd. This can be incredibly challenging for exhibitors showcasing products or services that are not well-known.

To address this challenge, Brella offers an AI-powered matchmaking platform that connects attendees based on their interests, goals, and needs. This allows exhibitors to pre-schedule meetings with the right attendees, so often, sponsors end up having a full calendar of meetings even before the event starts. Here is an example video of the sponsor’s feedback on Brella.

In addition to its matchmaking capabilities, Brella also facilitates networking before, during, and after the event. Attendees can use the platform to schedule meetings, exchange contact information, and keep up the conversation after the event. This ensures that the meaningful connections made at your event continue to be valuable long after it’s over.

Alongside matchmaking and networking, one of the key benefits of Brella is its modern event app, which offers a seamless experience for attendees. They can access all the platform features from their mobile device, making it easy to manage your event in a matter of seconds. With advanced lead scanning capabilities, attendees can store the relevant information and focus their time at the event on face-to-face interaction. For event organizers, Brella offers a fully customizable app from white labeling to custom features ensuring that their brand shines through the whole event. 

In summary, Brella is an industry-leading matchmaking and networking solution that is well-suited to event professionals of all types. With its AI-powered matchmaking platform, it helps to connect the right people based on their interests, goals, and needs, which increases the chances of meaningful connections being made and ensures the success of your event. All this happens in a modern event app for a seamless experience your attendees demand. With customization options, ticketing & registration, and lead scanning, Brella is a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your event. 


Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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