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You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 has been a terrible year for the events industry. But with the continued easing of lockdown, and a nation clamouring for things it can safely do, it’s time to get planning again. And if the thought of all the government guidance is holding you back, we have good news. Event gurus, Hybred Consultancy, have launched a specialist team dedicated entirely to delivering great experiences that are COVID-19 Secure, The team is already advising and producing  virtual & hybrid conferences, virtual studios and outdoor cinema & outdoor experiences  to go ahead, safely.

Adapting to the New Normal

Drawing on more than sixty years’ combined experience in the events industry, Becky Stevens, Helen Kimmerling and Christina Shannon came up with the concept of Hybred Consultancy over one of their weekly Zoom catch ups. With mass cancellations and few clients in a position to confirm future events, the trio started to think about how they could use their considerable skills and experience to work with businesses, promoters and production companies, forced to change how they operate due to the global pandemic. Initially supporting shop and office re-openings, Hybred quickly added HR support to deal with issues around furloughing, before getting back to their roots in the events industry, as outdoor and socially distanced gatherings became feasible and enquiries from pre-COVID -19 contacts started to come in.

Full Service Consultancy, with Health and Safety Foundations


Utilising a skill set developed through delivering multi-stakeholder events like Brighton & Hove  Pride, and advising on safety across Luna Ventures portfolio, we’re already supporting clients with everything from one-off events, to nationwide tours, to exhibitions and corporate functions.

The friendly, approachable team of health and safety oracles has huge amounts of experience in completing the detailed risk assessments necessary to enable an event to be COVID-19 Secure. But the team also offers bolt-on services like event and project management, onsite COVID -19 Secure safety managers, plus staff training to support your vision. Add to that, huge amounts of experience in licensing, event consultation and project management, all delivered with a deep understanding of COVID-19 Secure practices, and Hybred is in an unparalleled position to advise right now.

Heath and Safety Creds

We’re ideally placed to advise on the latest government guidance, because we’re helping to shape it. Our MD, Becky Stevens, is a council member of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), which is helping to create the Department of Culture Media and Sport’s safe reopening of events guidance. Added to that, as part of Becky’s role for the NOEA she sits on the HSE Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment — the conduit between the industry, the government and the health and safety executive. Decades of practical experience, like being the ultimate person responsible for making real time, critical decisions for the safe and effective delivery of 300,000 person events like Brighton Pride is what got Becky a voice in such industry-critical organisations and she can bring that experience and knowledge to your planning.

Cost Effective Advice

It also means that through her advisory work and from speaking to a big variety of businesses, Becky and the Hybred team have a real insight into the future of health and safety in events and the challenges you are facing. They’re acutely aware that budgets are tighter than ever and that government guidelines, like social distancing, may appear to make the idea of turning a profit impossible. 

While the world of events has undoubtedly changed for the foreseeable, Hybred gets that your projects need to be financially viable and to achieve that you need to find new ways of creating a great customer experience. By using one set of consultants who will always be considering the implications of COVID-19 from inception to delivery, you’ll benefit from Hybred’s most competitive pricing, as well as the sort of continuity and paper trail the industry desperately needs to be able to show right now.

So, if you’re planning on hosting an outdoor event, speak to us today to understand how we can work together. Re-thinking how you deliver events together with early, thorough health and safety planning is critical. And though the challenges are real, Hybred is seeing increasingly creative ways to work with and even embrace them.

For more information about how the team can support you, visit our website or call 01273 053533.

Becky and the Hybred team have recently hosted an educational webinar and you can watch it right here.

The free session focused on what role health and safety will play in COVID-19 Secure event. For future live webinars and other insights, check out our website.

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