Meet Performedia, where Hybrid and Virtual seamlessly blend, at Event Tech Live Booth #43!


Performedia is a leader in providing hybrid events services, as well as complete virtual capability – and is expert at accommodating the need to mix the two. With some speakers still presenting remotely, and with events now required to seamlessly serve both on-site and online attendees, Performedia possesses the rare ability to offer a truly a turnkey solution – from AV to on-site video capture and streaming to other video products such as promos, thought leader interviews, and sponsor demos.

A Unique Blend of High-end Platform AND Boots on the Ground!

Congratulations on figuring out the whole virtual event thing. And now that it’s time for meeting in person again – how are you fixed for getting THAT done?

Some speakers will be on site, and some will be online. Same with attendees. Same with sponsors. But the show must be a seamless experience, no matter where people are. That means socially-distanced on-site audience, no video conferencing echo or feedback in the meeting room, flawless playback of pre-recorded content for both audiences, and the ability to see and hear everyone NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE!

Performedia does it ALL!

At Performedia, we were one of the best you could get for hybrid meeting coverage before we became one of the best you could get for strictly virtual events. And now we have a total solution for when those two modes need to be mixed.


We supply not only a fabulous virtual event platform and unexcelled media player and video quality, but we also provide all the on-site AV you will need, pre-recording of speakers – who come back for live Q&A, event marketing, best practices guidelines, and so much more!

Here’s Some of What We Offer:

  • On site A/V and video capture
  • Integrate remote speakers seamlessly into hybrid events
  • Multiple on-site cameras for the price of one
  • Captioning in any language, live and on demand
  • Attendee ability to record video questions from the media player
  • Gamification, Trivia Games, Speed Dating and more audience engagement
  • Interactive polling and audience response – in the room and online
  • Integration with your event registration system
  • Total event video: promo videos, daily highlights, thought leaders, booth demos, etc.
  • Customized, automated certificates of course completion

Let‘s chat about planning and executing your next event. We’ll make you and your attendees, speakers, and sponsors very happy!

Contact Info:
Peter Hackes


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