mci group publishes 2023 company report: A testament to sustainability and diversity


mci group, an independent global marketing communications group with a human-first approach, proudly presents its 2023 company report. It is a comprehensive document that sets new benchmarks for the industry by measuring the group’s progress in sustainable and inclusive practices.

mci group stands at the forefront of sustainable and inclusive practices to embrace the future with responsible innovation.

Sustainability journey and promise

As a signatory of the UN’s Global Compact Agreement, mci group has been working towards a more sustainable future for over 15 years and it’s a pledge renewed every day. In 2023, mci group partnered with the Global Destination Sustainability for the GDS Awards and the Net Zero Carbon Events, to further emphasise its commitment to sustainable business practices. mci group actively encourages stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices, aiming for all client proposals to include an environment/social carbon tracking approach by 2025. 

Minimising carbon footprint

mci group tracks and reports its environmental impact annually and successfully launched measurement tools. By the end of 2024, it aims to introduce a centralised platform to assess and monitor the alignment of the group’s suppliers/partners to target net zero carbon emissions across its own company operations by 2030.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion 

With a diverse workforce from over 70 countries, mci group fosters an inclusive culture where 87% of employees annually report a strong sense of belonging. The group maintains a gender balance, with 68% of positions held by women, and launched 41 initiatives to improve mental health and well-being.

Top-level data protection

Sebastien Tondeur, mci group CEO

In 2023, MCI Suisse SA renewed its ISO 27001 + ISO 27701 certifications, underscoring the group’s commitment to data privacy and security. The group`s excellence was further demonstrated with a score of 939 in the CyberVadis assessment, showcasing top-tier data protection.

mci group generated €493M in turnover, marking a 6% increase from the previous year, through 5,094 client projects across 31 countries for 1,175 clients.

“As we share our achievements, we also set our sights on the challenges ahead.  Our goals are ambitious, but they are within reach. With a firm commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a clear vision for a more inclusive industry, mci group is actively shaping the future” says Sebastien Tondeur, CEO.  

Discover the comprehensive document that encompasses both mci group`s company progress and sustainability report:

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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