MCI brings business back to the industry


MCI, a global engagement and marketing agency, is pleased to announce that two of our Canada experts, Pamela Baker, Senior Manager, Sales, and Ruth Gorriz, Manager, Planning, were nominated for the 2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40.

The nomination represents 40 resilient corporate meeting and event professionals under 40 who forged a way to get through a once-in-a-lifetime experience and brought business back to the industry by absorbing jobs, learning new skills, inventing new ways of doing business.

MCI professionals’ collaborative and human-centric approach led our clients’ digital transformation. Empowered with fresh-thinking and innovative ideas, Pamela and Ruth leveraged MCI world-class processes and embraced challenges and innovation, guided by the shared goal of working together to make a difference for our customers.

Juliano Lissoni, Managing Director, MCI Canada, says: “At MCI, we focus on creating value and solving client’s challenges for unleashing the power of their audiences in a highly human manner and with meaningful interaction. A team of professionals working on this ultimate goal is our greatest treasure. Amazing to see two of our MCI Canada experts as Connect Corporate 40 Under 40! We organise 5,500 campaigns a year, of which some 1,500 are digital. Our people are the ones who make tomorrow happen.”


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