iVent – the benefits of virtual events


A virtual event is an online adaptation of a physical event, a simpler alternative to an outdated format that it is both easier to manage and cost-effective; with infinite global reach. But what does that mean? How could an online event benefit you?

Let’s start with sustainability and your green agenda. Forget bamboo straws, refill cups, and recycled hand towels  – if your company is looking for ways to make your next event truly sustainable, you should be looking to the world of virtual environments.

A virtual event may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about making an eco-friendly event. But in fact, it’s one of the most sustainable ways you can host an event today. When hosting a physical event you have to consider not only the logistics of getting people to the event venue but also the amount of food that is wasted and rubbish created per day. With virtual exhibitions, you don’t have to worry about any of that. According to a study from Birmingham University, a one-day physical event can produce up to 170kg of Co2 and create over 5 tonnes of refuse waste. With a virtual event, this can all change.

Have you considered the flexibility in not having your event grounded to one singular physical auditorium? What if it was possible to have a bespoke-designed, fully branded, multi-use event space that is accessible 365 days a year, at any time, from any location worldwide? With virtual events, this is the reality. Providing you with the ultimate event flexibility, not only as the event host, but also for your attendees.


Currently, attending a physical event requires significant logistical planning from the perspective of an event attendee. Not only do they need to consider getting time off work in order to be present, they also have to juggle limited public transport links, congested car rides and in some cases, international travel which is not only time consuming and expensive, but bad for the environment (and don’t get us started on the cost of accomodation!). With virtual, your audience can attend during their lunch break, after work from the comfort of their own home, or whilst traveling in between meetings. Not only saving your audience time and money but significantly increasing event attendance.

Naturally connecting with your audience is the goal of any event. A virtual event allows you to do this on a global scale with no compromise on interactivity. Regardless of where your audience is attending from, with live networking rooms, 1-2-1 video and audio conferencing, integrated social media channels and virtual business cards, virtual events are dispelling the myth that true interaction takes place face-to-face. Whether you are hosting a careers and recruitment fair, or a live conference with live presentations for your international colleagues, virtual events allow you to connect with all attendees in a personal way – significantly boosting the value of networking possibilities.

Post-event it’s important not to forget the data. During a physical event, unless you are watching exactly where each attendee visits, who they interact with and double-check they remembered to take that important document you knew they would want, you have nothing to take away in terms of the user journey and interaction information.

With a virtual event, it couldn’t be more different. You will find that you now have usable attendance data that will form the basis for future marketing communications and event agendas. With the ability to see which areas were most attended, which documents and videos most viewed and review a copy of all chat transcripts, you can provide your event attendees with bespoke and relevant follow-up material that shows you have valued their presence at the event.

In hosting a virtual event you are no longer compromising on cost, scale, content or agenda. You are making a commitment to forward-thinking and sustainability with global reach and unlimited potential.