Companies are investing a lot of time and effort to get their marketing activities in line with GDPR requirements. But have you considered how it will affect your activities at events – particularly lead capture?

What GDPR means for events

The GDPR will bring big changes to the way companies collect people’s personal details at events, and how you process them after. For event lead capture, these are the most important parts of GDPR to be aware of:

  • Purpose: it won’t be enough to say you need someone’s personal data ‘for marketing purposes’ – you’ll need to be specific.
  • Consent: do you have this person’s explicit permission for you to contact them again? Some of Akkroo’s customers are using double opt-in to secure consent; while this isn’t required under GDPR, it is a great way to make sure you’ve got consent from your prospects.

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How to collect leads and maintain GDPR compliance

In a recent podcast, Akkroo discussed the established methods of lead capture at events, and whether they comply with GDPR.

The outlook isn’t great.

Event teams won’t simply be able to carry on as normal and assume that’s enough for GDPR.

That’s where Akkroo can help. The Akkroo Event Lead Capture solution has been designed with GDPR compliance in mind. Lead capture forms can be specifically designed to gather consent, and you can customise forms so people can choose what further communication they can expect from your business.

Big changes

GDPR will mean big changes to the way you collect lead data. But hopefully, it means companies get better value when exhibiting at events – focusing on getting good-fit leads rather than playing the numbers game.

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