HBAA calls on chancellor to provide support in budget to recruit talent

Lex Butler, chair, HBAA
Lex Butler, chair, HBAA

Newly-appointed chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is presenting the spring budget tomorrow (11th March). It is expected the budget will include financial aid for businesses affected by the coronavirus, a £5bn investment in faster broadband across the country and more money for the NHS.

HBAA chair, Lex Butler, has asked the chancellor to provide financial support to encourage people to build careers in the hospitality and events industry so that the UK can maintain its reputation for its first-class service.

“The industry now needs new talent more than ever. Following the government’s post-Brexit immigration plans, the shortfall of skilled staff is likely to increase still further in 2021. 

“This comes at a time when the industry is under financial pressure as a consequence of cancellations linked to coronavirus, while major venues may need to recruit more staff as a result of the introduction of Martyn’s Law.


“This is a major industry that contributes substantially to the British economy.  We’re working hard to recruit more UK based talent to build careers in this sector, but we’ll not be able to replace all the migrant workers by the time the regulations come into place.

“Financial incentives and support are vital to attract people of all ages into this sector and to train them. It’s now urgent.”