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Lune Valley Pods are one of the leading glamping pod manufacturers in the UK, and have been manufacturing pods since 2003. We have over the years transitioned from a basic ‘wooden tent’ to fully self-contained luxury units and we  have now developed, what we believe, is the ideal solution for festival glamping. 

Introducing our Tow-A-Pod and Festival Pod. The Tow-A-Pod comes on a road legal trailer and can be transported and manoeuvred with ease. This petite unit comes equipped with an easy clean wipeable mattress, internal wall lights and a USB socket. The lights and USB socket are powered by a small portable solar panel which can be attached to the roof or next to the unit. 

Lune Velley Pods’ Tow-A-Pod

If you are looking for a slightly bigger unit, the Festival Pod is for you. This pod has more internal space and head height, along with the aforementioned specifications. This pod is still small enough to move with a forklift or telehandler, it can be easily  stored and is ideal for those wishing to deliver more than one unit at a time. 

Lune Valley Pods’ Festival Pod

Both of these pods are fully insulated to provide the first hint of luxury compared to camping in a tent, tipi or yurt. Our pods are ideal for keeping the campers warm when it’s chilly, but also cool when the weather is on the warmer side.. Externally we use composite cladding which benefits from zero maintenance; the lightweight aluminium roof tiles also add to the insulation qualities. Our external materials come in a range of colours to suit your brand and needs. 

We believe our glamping pods could be the next big move for festival organisers as we move on from the traditional canvas glamping options. Not only do our pods allow for a secure place for festival goers to safeguard their belongings, but they are also an option which can be stored and used year on year, with our first pod (or wooden tent, as earlier described) still standing strong 20 years on, the material we use now being much more resilient to all weather conditions and zero maintenance. 

It is no secret that the offering of glamping options at festivals has been a great stream of added income in the last few years. To ensure that you maintain this revenue growth it is imperative that you are offering the most premium and modern glamping options on the market. 

Luxury, Vision, Perfection  are part of our core values  here at LVP;  why not. book in to come along and visit our workshop and see first-hand what we have to offer.

If our pods are of interest and you would like further information,  why not contact a member of our team on 01524 572311.


Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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