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Live events – the very heart of what Showcase do might be on the horizon, but hybrid and virtual events are set to play an important role for a while. Therefore giving your digital events in whatever form they take a real sense of atmosphere and then having the ability to measure their success remains a real priority for event professionals.

Luckily Showcase has created a set of tools that helps you achieve just this.

EVENT@ online platform powered by Showcase
Imagine an event space transformed into a website and you’ve basically understood how their dedicated web portal ‘EVENT@‘ can be the home of your virtual event.

This is no live streaming one-stop shop template, it’s a tailored flexible hosting solution for hybrid and virtual events. It’s been created especially for the events industry, based on research and discussions with the end user, the platform is available at an entry level model to which you can add your own bolt-ons, so making it a truly bespoke offering.


You get all you’d expect from a live event: pre-launch marketing, registration, exhibition, live stage, exhibitors and visitor tracking & analytics, polling, live Q&A, chats and sponsorship. The platform can be made fully e-commerce so if you want to sell tickets for your event, then that’s another role it can fulfil.

EVENTalytics – The event analytics tool. An easy measure of success

Post-virtual or hybrid event data has traditionally been indigestible and impossible to understand or use in any meaningful way. Not now, thanks to Showcase’s event specific software EVENTalytics, which works alongside their online platform to provide data that is easy to read and accessible.

Ben Collings, Showcase Founder comments: “Event data and statistics are nothing new, but the way EVENTalytics presents them is, we’ve all seem reams and reams of raw data which basically goes unused as no one really knows what to do with it. Now with our new software that is about to change; we’ve designed EVENTalytics to work in tandem with our online platform, so giving our clients a complete virtual event package.”

Showcase’s platform tracks attendees movement whilst on the event, tracking what people have watched and for how long, as well as giving vital information about the delegates themselves such as geographical location and job role. EVENTalytics then gives event professionals what they really want, analytics of the data, presented in easy to adsorb reports, top level graphs and tables rather than lines and lines of raw data. These enlightening professional reports can then in turn be presented to sponsors and stakeholders enabling them to see their return on investment as well as being used to secure future event sponsorship.

Reporting includes:

  • Attendee information, including geographic location, sector and job role
  • No. of videos / length of time watched
  • Viewing stats by job level/sector
  • Average video / number watched per user
  • Engagement by company
  • How many people dropped off a session

Introducing EVENTalytics in action
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