Creative Technology X HOLOPLOT Transforming Audio Experiences


For years it has been a reality in many live event environments that the audio experience is often overshadowed by the high impact of the visual presentation.

But imagine an environment where there is complete control over who hears what, where the audio can be acutely focused just like a spotlight or be separated amongst an audience so precisely that multiple different sounds can heard at the same time depending on your location within a space. Imagine an environment where everyone gets the best listening experience no matter where they are sitting, using reflections within a space to create an immersive audio layer. Imagine an environment where there can be multiple presenters on multiple microphones upon the same stage at the same time. An environment where any sound from the quietest whisper through to the heavy bass of a live band can all feel personal to the listener. Imagine a world where all of this can happen using one revolutionary audio technology solution – where for the first time you can curate your audiences listening experience to match and dare we say, exceed that of their visual one.

Creative Technology is proud to have an official partnership with HOLOPLOT, becoming the first UK Partner of their revolutionary X1 Matrix Array solution back in May. HOLOPLOT’s ground-breaking beam forming loudspeaker technology is designed to place the listener at the heart of the content, taking audio amplification to the next level. As world leaders in delivering the very best audio amplification and immersive playback technology solutions, Creative Technology is dedicated to driving the deployment of HOLOPLOT throughout the UK and further afield in supporting its global clients.

Combining the world of speech reinforcement, dynamic and live music amplification, surround sound, and immersive soundscapes into one usable system has until now been an aspiration for all audio solution providers. HOLOPLOT delivers this and so much more with some example projects opting for this technology including the MSG Sphere and the award winning Illuminarium Experiences.

By using multiple HOLOPLOT arrays, the system can provide maximum coverage of spaces any size. The ability to shut off unwanted noise spill or pollution from a presentation space dismisses all previous challenges of having to compete with an ever-increasing noise floor in live event production.

Using building surfaces to provide natural reflections to add an immersive audio layer to an opening VT or presentation is now achievable without the need to install multiple loudspeakers and rigging solutions. With HOLOPLOT, specific listening zones can be defined for your audience allowing a keynote speaker to deliver a thought-provoking presentation with full inclusivity for all, eliminating the need for headphones and instead offering a live, amplified translation based on each members location within a space.

As the only solutions provider offering this technology for rental in the UK, Creative Technology are pleased to be able to provide exclusive demos of this revolutionary audio solution within our in-house facilities at our headquarters in London Gatwick. To find out more and book a demo, please contact Lee Dennison, Head of Client Relationships at Creative Technology at and learn more about how HOLOPLOT could benefit your next live event or installation project.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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