Cadence – The All-In-One Event Experience Platform


Time is money, so we have no interest in wasting yours! Find out if Cadence is the right fit for you by answering these simple questions.

  1. Are you looking for one event platform that “does it all”?
  2. Is creating an immersive branded experience important to you?
  3. Is your event aiming to set a new industry standard?
  4. Are you worried about your audience getting lost because of a confusing event platform?
  5. Do you want a white-glove service along the way to fulfill your vision and surpass your event goals?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then Cadence is the all-in-one event experience platform that might just be for you. The platform was built to simplify virtual and in-person event management so that teams can focus on what really matters: creating unforgettable experiences for their audience.

Feature Highlights

  1. Registration
  2. Custom branding
  3. Personalized schedules
  4. Live and pre-recorded content
  5. Networking and breakouts
  6. 1:1 video chats and messaging
  7. Engaging social feed
  8. Virtual booths for sponsors, partners, exhibitors
  9. Push and email notifications
  10. Materials and collections
  11. Individual and team competitions
  12. Surveys and live polling
  13. Appointments & customer engagement
  14. Community building
  15. Top moments page
  16. Event Analytics for ROI
  17. Consulting & live support
  18. SSO & Enterprise features

What makes Cadence different from other event platforms?


The design of the platform, the endless customization options, and the pre, during, and post-event white-glove service from their customer success team. Companies and events of all sizes in over 45 countries use Cadence, such as Merck, Best Western, TEDx, Harvard University, Zendesk, and Canada Goose.

Want to see Cadence in action?

Go to and schedule a free consultation call. To make the most of your precious time, they will recommend the best solution based on your event goals—even if it’s not Cadence.

Slim budget right now?

The Cadence team has your back because they offer all of its essential features for free. You don’t have to settle on a boring virtual event experience that stagnates at a link in a calendar invite anymore. With Cadence, you can easily elevate your events with an elegant, interactive, and branded experience while keeping your budget intact.

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