6 types of stickers to use for event promotion in 2021


Managing to properly promote your event is crucial to the number of people that will attend it. A well-promoted event permits you and your team to reach the expected results.

How the public perceives your event can make all the difference. Raising people’s understanding permits you to have more subscriptions, sell more tickets and prepare everyone for the type of ambience they will encounter.  

Prepare your public by creating your personalised stickers and get ready to spread them all over town. If people will be able to find them, they will automatically be able to find you. 

Rely on a product’s personalisation company like Camaloon.com/en to produce the perfect type of stickers to inform and intrigue your public. You can design your own stickers, and have them shipped to your address in no time while saving up money and a lot of effort. 

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Promotion stickers for your event 

Organising and promoting an event is not a walk in the park, but it is certainly necessary. People can meet you and your team. That means encountering your company, your products and services. There is no better chance than this for a business to establish a strong relationship with its potential clients. 

With events, it is possible to do what the digital still cannot do so genuinely, create human trust and connection. Businesses strive thanks to this type of solid relationship. 

It is then fundamental to build a visual identity for the event. Sticker promotion can be a key to this. Personalised stickers need to enter the priority list of things to make you efficiently market your event. 

Event stickers offer a creative way to inform people, make them feel invited and persuade them to join the event. Stand out from the crowd of your competitors and enable your event to be a total success. There are so many stickers to make that possible. 

Countless types of stickers 

There are many different types of stickers available. So many that sometimes it’s very difficult to understand which one would fit better the identity of your event. 

To better understand which sticker type would make your event shine as it should, we have tried facilitating the research. We have made a list of 6 types of stickers to help you promote your event in 2021. 

Here below you can find everything you need to know about each type of event sticker and how they can serve you to reach success with your event. 

  1. Vinyl stickers

If you are promoting an event, it is important to do it with quality material. When it comes to promotion stickers you want to choose the vinyl type of stickers. You want a product that your team and the potential visitors can use on a variety of surfaces. Phone covers, walls, cars, bikes, and all sorts of materials. Vinyl stickers are the best for durability, toughness and adhesiveness. 

At the same time though, you want to give people a sticker that does not ruin the surfaces of the object where the sticker has been applied. If you need to remove a vinyl sticker after the event is finished, you will have no problem as it will still be easy to remove it. 

Vinyl makes your stickers stand out in unique ways. Plus, you can decide how you prefer to market your event by choosing between the different types of vinyl stickers shapes and materials.  

  • Custom shaped stickers
  • Round stickers
  • Rectangular stickers
  • Square stickers
  • Oval stickers
  • Clear stickers
  • Stickers sheets

All these stickers can be used in interior and exterior spaces. Distribute them and let your team attach them to their phones, laptops, on the car, or even on the floor. They will make everyone curious about your event. 

  1. Wall stickers 

Marketing your event with traditional posters and flyers as we said before can be an invasive strategy. Different types of stickers can come in help and substitute them. 

For instance, wall stickers can replace paper advertising perfectly. They provide a great aesthetic and better material quality. The material resists different weather conditions better than paper and it is very difficult to draw on it. This being extremely relevant to your marketing and communication strategy and budget. 

With personalised wall decals, you will be able to attract your target audience with no difficulty. Producing a wall decal has become something very simple today. Different shapes, materials, colours, backgrounds and quantities. They can be created and sent to you in a short amount of time. Plus, it has become more affordable than ever.  

Extremely user-friendly and applicable to any type of surface. Depending on the type of event you are promoting you can apply it where it best suits your need. Walls and ceilings but also on the street for a little bit of guerrilla marketing

Some of these different types of stickers to promote your event are: 

  • Wall decals 
  • Wall decals with canvas effect
  • Wall decals with opaque grey back

Make sure to surprise people and persuade them into coming to your event. Walls decals are one of the best ways to do that.

  1. Window decals

Another type of sticker that offers a good opportunity to promote your event are window decals. 

Imagine advertising your event on windows, glass doors, bottles and drinking glasses. In the cases of bottles and drinking glasses, these objects also can become a souvenir of the event and be offered to the guest. This will allow you to make them come back the next day or next year and bring more people with them.  

Overall, the window decals are the best strategy to exploit spaces that are different from the one of traditional advertising. Amaze and grab your client’s attention to make them come to your event.   

The quality of window decals is very high since it is printed on vinyl. With your personalisation, you going to be able to increase its potential. Choose the right text, image, width and colours to represent your identity to perfection.  

There are many types of window decals available. Some of these are: 

  • Window decals 
  • Micro-perforated window decals
  • Easy apply window decals
  • Transparent window decals
  • Static window clings

Choose the type that fits best the event’s requirements. Personalise the window decal according to your visual identity. Once you will receive your window decals you will be able to apply them all over town and make a great impression. It’s a done deal!

  1. Car decals 

Promotional car stickers are the next level for sponsoring your event. Imagine you and your team driving around your cars and managing to attract people attention and get them curious about the occasion. You can also decide to pay taxi drivers, truck drivers, or private individuals to put a car decal on their vehicles. This will help spread the word without too much effort. 

Such investment pays back with a bigger number of people turning out to your event. That is crucial for your business. Avoid printing thousands of flyers that people are not going to notice. Spend your time most efficiently by using a quality promotional product such as car decals.  

There are different types of promotional car stickers. Some of these are:

  • Car decals 
  • Transparent car decals
  • Micro-perforated car window decals

Their quality is unique. Car decals are flexible and resistant but still very easy to remove in case you need to. Integrating car decals in your marketing strategy for events is going to help your event be a success.

  1. Name tags stickers

A different type of sticker that can be extremely relevant to event organisation and promotion are the name tags stickers. Since events are usually filled up with people, and most of these maybe do not know you and your team, it is very important to find a way for people to get familiar with your names. This will allow business to take place effortlessly and on a more human level. 

You can choose between two types of stickers: 

  • Name tags stickers
  • “Write your name” tags stickers

The first one could be more personalised. Perhaps it could fit perfectly for the member of your team. While the second one could be also shared with clients and other workers external to the team. Surely, these types of stickers can come in handy and make you look good.  

  1. Labels stickers 

Some other different types of stickers that are particularly useful during an event are label stickers. They can help you strengthen your identity before, during and after the event that you are promoting. 

 You can label your personalised stickers on your products, invitations, envelopes, tools and tech gadgets. Your brand will be present and visible to everyone permitting you to be recognised. 

Labels stickers can be a lot of fun. You personalise them by choosing the shape, size and design. Then you will receive them and have so many stickers to put literally everywhere. 

Labels stickers can be printed in different ways:

  • sheets 
  • rolls 

You can also pick between different materials according to the use that you want to make of the stickers. While plastic labels are perfect also for outdoor use, paper labels are best used for interior use. 

Final thoughts

A marketing strategy for an event will be potentially transformed into a failure without the use of stickers. As we enlisted the different types of stickers it became clear how they can fit every type of event’s needs and marketing strategy. 

Stickers being so flexible and cost-effective, they mark the new frontier for event promotion. After knowing how useful they can be, can you imagine yourself promoting an event without stickers?

Make yourself be seen and recognised. People will have the chance to actually discover your business, services and products. This will permit you to create better brand awareness and relationships with your clients. An opportunity not to be missed.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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