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Event sustainability has been a hot topic in the industry for some time now, with attendees now keen to attend events with a smaller environmental footprint. Improving sustainability at your event isn’t just good for the planet; it can boost attendance, attract more sponsors and ultimately increase profit.

Traditional events have a negative environmental impact, with a typical trade show producing 170 trees worth of paper waste.

Using a mobile event app from All In The Loop completely cuts out the need for paper. Likewise, if 10,000 attendees use all their phones’ charge on the app, this requires 400 times less power than it takes just to manufacture that much paper.

With all ticketing, handouts and other event content available in the mobile event app, attendees do not have to carry these resources around all day or risk losing them. Likewise, organisers can make instant updates to features like the in-app agenda, which they could not on paper.


Networking opportunities have always drawn attendees to events, which puts organisers under pressure to provide high quality, innovative networking tools like interactive attendee lists, exhibitor & attendee matchmaking and advanced messaging features. These functions are no longer just nice additions to an event: they are an essential draw.

With a mobile event app from All In The Loop, you can provide outstanding networking capabilities for you attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Using interactive attendee lists, users can filter through profiles by name, company, industry and other factors, with custom text search also available. From here, app users can select a profile, giving them access to the attendee’s information, such as their headshot, biography and contact details. These lists can even be used to filter through event sponsors and exhibitors.

The mobile event app’s networking hub allows users to send, receive and manage their messages, providing an easy way to make first contact and expand their network.

Likewise, using the in-app meeting booking system, users can set up one-to-one meetings at a given time and location. Once both parties agree to the meeting, the app will automatically block that time out to prevent double bookings.                        


Sponsorship can be vital to an event’s success, providing a potentially lucrative cash injection and boosting overall profit. If you want to secure sponsors, you need to provide a clear ROI and demonstrate value to sponsors.

A mobile event app from All In The Loop is heavily customisable and can be used to boost sponsorship. In the filterable exhibitor list, sponsors can be highlighted to draw users’ attention, while advertising banners, splash screens and sponsored pages increase exposure.

All In The Loop can even introduce gamification at your event, with attendees using an in-app badge scanner to scan QR codes in return for points. By placing these QR codes at sponsored booths, or awarding more points for higher tier sponsors, you can greatly increase engagement and drive footfall towards sponsored locations.

And More…

All In The Loop is an event solutions specialist, offering more than just event technology. With more than 7 years’ experience globally, All In The Loop provides an unparalleled range of event services, from branded mobile apps and platforms to advanced live streaming services, registration and more.

Trusted by organisation like Bayer, Hyundai and Million Dollar Roundtable, All In The Loop supplies unparalleled event solutions for exhibitions, conferences, forums and events of all sizes. You can read our latest Bayer case study here.

For more information, go to https://www.allintheloop.com or get in touch at support@allintheloop.com.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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