Ground-Guards’ innovative MaxiTrack mat proves that plastic is fantastic


New ground protection system now available to purchase, hire and rent-to-buy.

Ground-Guards Ltd – leading ground protection innovators for the event management industry – has developed a revolutionary new plastic mat system called MaxiTrack, which is turning the ground protection industry on its head.

MaxiTrack is a super strong, environmentally friendly ground mat that is lightweight, easy to lay and safe to carry by hand.

It is made from a special blend of recycled polymer called Zetralene which is vastly stronger than standard HDPE. MaxiTrack mats are guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles to 130 tonnes.

Despite this extreme strength, MaxiTrack is also remarkably light. Mats only weigh 40kg, which means that two workers can safely handle them without the need for expensive lifting equipment, thereby providing a much-needed cost-effective alternative to traditional aluminium panels.

The mats are designed to be easy to transport, quick to lay and simple to pack up and reuse, thereby offering a winning return on investment. Their performance, efficiency and reuseability gives high appeal for all ends of the market.

It is the perfect solution for creating large event site areas, pedestrian walkways, site access solutions and temporary car parks, helping any event go without a hitch.

As well as being available for purchase, MaxiTrack is now available for hire too. The company is also offering rent-to-buy opportunities for selected partners (subject to conditions) in a bid to provide customers with more flexible ownership options.

MaxiTrack mats are made from 100% recycled plastic and are also recyclable at the end of their lifetime, satisfying the growing need for a sustainable ground protection solution. They are also silicosis and contamination safe.

The new design features a simple but strong bolt connection system for fast, easy joining, as well as clever overlapping joints that accommodate heat expansion, and reduce mud seepage.

Dan Devenish, Head of Global Sales for Ground-Guards, says: “The easy-to-assemble MaxiTrack design makes it one of the strongest and most versatile ground protection systems available.

“MaxiTrack is exactly what our event customers have been asking for: a solution to ground care that is lightweight, durable and simple to handle without the need of expensive or specialist lifting equipment.

“Approximately 60 MaxiTrack mats can be installed within one hour by a team of three plus a forklift driver.

“This speed and man-handleability generates fantastic efficiencies and helps increase the productivity of the workforce.

“And the fact that we guarantee MaxiTrack unbreakable up to 130 tonnes gives our customers the confidence to use a plastic solution.

“We believe that our new MaxiTrack product is the most heavy duty, man-handleable trackway system in the world.”

MaxiTrack is the latest in a growing portfolio of ground protection solutions from Ground-Guards.

Over the past 12 months the company has introduced the popular EuroMat, TrakMat, TuffTrak and TuffTrakXT ground protection mats into its range, in additional to its existing flagship products, MultiTrack, FastCover, LiteTrack, TrenchGuards and BogMats.

The company believes it is now in the unique position of being able to offer the events industry a full range of economically priced plastic ground protection solutions tailored to any specific need, from light duty pedestrian walkways to medium or heavy duty roadways, car parks and event floorings.

Ground-Guards Ltd is a division of the GreenTek Group, established in 1969 and based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

+44 (0)113 267 6000


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