We make stuff happen. We’re a creative production company with a wealth of experience in producing events, PR stunts, and experiential activations. We design and realise unusual, technically challenging, and time-sensitive projects, so are well versed in efficient production, with an innate understanding of how to deliver within the constraints of space, logistics, and budget. Our team comprises designers, engineers, production managers, fabricators, and event managers, allowing us to take our client’s idea all the way from conception to live with the public.

Our work spans events, festivals, pop-ups, experiential roadshows, PR stunts, prop builds, sampling stands, container conversion and vehicle modification and we are employed across the fields of marketing, film, art, and music.

We work on behalf of event promoters, council organisations, brands, and agencies and although we’re based in Brighton with regional offices in Glasgow and Exeter, we deliver projects nationally and across Europe.

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