Multiple award winners have created an entirely new category in the event and conference space:

A compact all-in-one online event tool which you can completely create and steer from your own mobile phone. And what’s more: For a limited time they’re offering a branded version 100% free for EIN readers at

So, you‘ll get the best in interaction (VoxR was created by a professional business event facilitator), plus all handy “Event App” functions–but without downloading, without login, without hassle.

Thus, all the goods of both worlds: Interaction and mobile event app in one simple tool. 

On the interaction side, you’ll get all typical

  • voting’s, polls, surveys for events
  • brainstorms with word clouds for events and 
  • Audience Q&A, including upvoting of questions. 

But on top, you’ll also get the innovative SMART-Cloud which enables you – for the first time – to truly safely brainstorm, even with potentially hostile audiences (think partner or client events or town halls) – and SMART Questions, which revolutionizes Q&A for panel discussions.

On the event app side, you’ll get all your classics: 

  • Agenda, Speaker, 
  • Maps of outside and inside the location,
  • Anything you’d like to integrate (Registration, Networking, etc). 

VoxR works for any event, conference congress, seminar or meeting from 10 to 2000 attendees or more. 

VoxR It has been used by major World Companies like SAP, JPMorgan, Mercedes and more and meanwhile has been used in 65 countries including China.

Nevertheless, the best thing is: You’ll create and steer anything and everything from your mobile phone. Yes, it is designed in such an easy way.

And the even better thing is: 

  • As a new customer outside of Germany you’ll get a branded version for free.

Yes. 100% free. Try it out and get in touch at

Contact details

+49 511 1694231

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