VenuIQ creates event management software that lets you create apps and web platforms for exhibitions, meetings, conferences and other events. Our industry-leading software, Event Builder, was recently recognised in the 2019 Event Technology Awards with wins in two categories, Best Use of AI Technology and Best Conference Technology. Virtual and Hybrid is fully catered for, although our passion is for live events.

Event Builder enables you to manage everything for your real-world or hybrid events from the invite process through to post-event follow-ups. Start by setting up your customisable event registration web page and send to your invitees (you can even take payments!). As guests are approved they’re automatically added to your management portal as delegates so you can send out login details, thank you, reminder and follow up emails.

From there build your event programme by adding your speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. Each has their own customisable profile and document area. You only ever have single entry, which manages the Web Platform and App. Add individual seminars and create an agenda for your event. Delegates can create their own personal agenda and update personal details and add to their calendars all from the app or desktop portal.

We build in interactivity as standard including live polls, Q&As, surveys, cross-platform notifications, meetings, group session chats and individual chats. Everything you need to keep guests engaged at home or at a live event. They can also arrange one to one meetings using our built-in video chat.


Our unique On:Demand feature pushes your completed event app configuration to the app stores. You can have your native event app live within 24 hours!

We also offer our new reusable SafeWatch for Covid-safe events to alert users and organisers if they are too close to other people, and also gives data in the event of a track and trace, alongside all our usual tracking features.

Our Bespoke event apps take a little longer to create but the end result is always worth it.

Whatever you can think of in an app we can create. From completely unique menu systems, connections to third-party software, and groundbreaking heat mapping and smart tracking technology.

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