Torton Bodies


Torton Bodies specialise in mobile exhibition units and have been established for over 50 years. Based in Telford, Shropshire, they understand the importance of having convenient and eye-catching display units when attending shows.

Torton offer bespoke units ranging from trailers and motorised exhibition vehicles, to clinics and mobile libraries.

Exhibition Trailers


Torton exhibition trailers are available for sale and hire with a range of sizes and styles. With lengths from 4 meters to 13.6 meters, their trailers are reliable and built to last – as well as reflecting your brand.

Torton has created trailers for a number of major car manufacturers, as well as a helipod for the ambulance service and many more.

Motorised Exhibition Vehicles

Torton describes their range of motorised exhibition vehicles as “the most popular” due to the ease of transport, set up and operation. Ranging from 3,500 kg to 28 tonnes, these vehicles offer more floor space and room than trailers, and often feature expandable sides.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics have been a specialty of Torton’s since they began to supply trailer units for dental health work in schools in the early 1950s. These trailers are suitable for audiology, dentistry, blood donation, screening programmes, chemotherapy and more. Designed to maintain a high level of hygiene, features include cleaning areas, waiting rooms and plenty of space to work effectively.

Mobile Libraries

Another growing area for Torton, mobile libraries are seeing something of a resurgence, with smaller models now available that are able to hold the same number of books as older, larger models.

Get in touch with Torton

Torton can also manage transport, and offer servicing and annual testing too.

To find out more, give them a call on 01952 612 648 or visit their website.

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