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Tiger Global are a supply chain company on a mission to shift infrastructure, industry, and consumer goods to a more ethical and sustainable future. They’re proving that you don’t need to compromise on price and innovation when making better choices. They work with reputable manufacturers carrying strong audits, including BSCI and SMETA, to make sure that both the quality of product and working conditions are high.

They’re also B Corp™ certified. B Corp™ is a pretty hard club to get into and you’re only allowed in if your social, environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability are up to scratch. B Corp™ don’t just evaluate a product or a service, they assess the overall positive impact and the company behind it.

The Tiger team all have young families, and they want to create a sustainable world for the future generations. They operate on the principle of the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. At Tiger there’s no sugar coating to make a sale. Their no-nonsense approach is why they’ve continued to work with an array of leading brands, including Compare the Market, Costa Coffee and MyProtein, to name a few.

They’re experts in consumer, brand, and sustainable and ethical manufacturing. Only part of their work involves providing transparent product sourcing and responsible manufacturing to create socially responsible consumer goods and campaign merchandise. The other part involves helping businesses to be more sustainable by consulting them on the best practices, working with them to create a leaner supply chain.


If you have an idea you want to bring to life, are looking for sustainable promotional merchandise or ways in which you can improve the sustainability of your supply chain as a whole, get in touch with Tiger here.

Contact Details:

020 8920 2100

Unit 3
Stirling Court
Stirling Way

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