Superlinked developed an AI-powered user intelligence platform designed to infuse relevance and engagement into all event interactions, while freeing up the organisers to focus on brand building, marketing and delivery of the best content and experience. Superlinked uses AI-driven automation to recommend relevant prospects, sessions, content, networking contacts and more, around the goals defined by the event organiser (such as, education, business development, recruiting), and under the event’s brand.  

Superlinked’s platform helps dozens of event and community professionals attract and engage relevant audiences in a cost-efficient manner by focusing their attendee acquisition campaigns.

From webinars to conferences, live or virtual, paid or free, Superlinked’s precise AI-driven targeting automates the time-consuming manual tasks associated with searching and filtering potential attendees on platforms such as LinkedIn, driving down the cost per attendee by up to 50%.

Superlinked’s founders are drawing on extensive experience in data analytics and insight generation from top strategy consultancy, McKinsey & Company, and deep understanding of user modelling and relevance from YouTube.

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Unit 6 Queens Yard
White Post Lane
E9 5EN
United Kingdom

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