536, the virtual experiences platform built by Oveit, allows event planners to easily create and manage virtual and hybrid events. Go live with just a few clicks of a button and create an experience that your community will cherish.

Just like for a regular in-person event, attendees can easily purchase e-tickets that grant them access to the whole experience. The registration process can take place on the clients’ websites and the platform gives them access to the powerful features our partners are already familiar with. Customized registration, addons and perks, automated invoicing, direct payments, event purchasing, and more.

In-stream purchases will give you access to new revenue streams. While attending your virtual experiences, viewers are one click away from purchasing your goods and services. Just because the experience takes place online (or in a hybrid environment), it doesn’t mean that they should not be able to purchase your merchandise.

Attract sponsors: Your video streams support customization, from a simple logo detail to full background customization. Partner with sponsors that have the same values and let your viewers know about this.


Engage your viewers and allow them to interact with each other: emoticons from viewers mark the most popular moments of your streams. The chat option allows attendees to ask questions and interact with the moderator. Questions can be upvoted by fellow viewers and the most relevant ones will be displayed first, helping you answer them with ease.

Combine your live content with recorded sessions, create private rooms, and ask your attendees’ feedback through live chat and virtual polls. Go digital but keep the personal touch.

Scale your events. is designed to host events with tens or tens of thousands of virtual attendees, allowing you to scale your business without facing technical challenges.

Contact Details:

+44 208 144 5116 (UK)
+ 1 650 319 7337 (US)

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