Spelfie (the space selfie) in partnership with AIRBUS, brings intergalactic fun to any large-scale event. It gives event attendees the ability to capture their memories – and an image of the entire event – from space in real-time, using state of the art satellite technology.

It is unique, exciting, experiential, organic and very, VERY shareable.

Spelfie allows people to have their selfie taken from space, capturing spectacular satellite imagery of major events across the world, in real-time using Airbus satellite technology.

Spelfie creates a unique “check-in from space”, creating a new and powerful way for brands to engage with their target audience, at your events.


A better alternative to social or paid advertising, as brands can communicate directly with attendees, removing the guess work out whilst improving ROI by 12-18x.

Furthermore, Spelfie gives unrivalled opportunities for remarketing and retargeting, resulting in uncapped potential to generate income long after the event is over. 

They have also developed ‘Global Spelfie’ which allows not just thousands, but potentially millions to participate and experience an event. Designed to extend the reach of events beyond the physical limitations of venues.

This has recently been adapted to help combat the current situation with the Covid-19 epidemic, allowing fans to “participate” in closed door events, through a combination of social media and smartphone technology, Spelfie can still play a part in keeping sports fans, players and teams connected. Creating a one of a kind, date stamped, experience. 

In summary, Spelfie helps brands rise above the noise of social media and paid advertising, with over 25,000 posts every second on social media alone, a new experiential engagement tool, from space, could form part of the answer…

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