Silent Conference


Since 2009, we’ve been making a lot of noise in the conference industry, without making a sound.

When we started, the concept of using headphones at a conference was barely feasible.

Pioneering early event organisers were forced to choose between either expensive and complicated stage monitoring systems or domestic silent disco headphones with limited functionality.


Silent Conference filled this gap by designing professional headphones that deliver premium quality audio to large numbers of people in complicated environments.

Our solutions are crafted to be simple to use, cost effective and customisable for your event.

Host multiple conferences, multiple languages, multiple speakers in the same room, at the same time. Silent Conference will revolutionise your event. From large corporate summits to conferences and trade shows – Silent Conference systems offer endless possibilities.

Our bespoke equipment is compact, and designed to just fit in around wherever you are and however you are set up.

Incorporating a Silent Conference does not require any extra space or infrastructure.

We can even provide fully mobile solutions for remote locations, walking tours and product launches.

Our trained technicians and talented staff can come to wherever you are and take care of the whole event.

Contact Details:

Silent Conference
1 Endle Street
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United Kingdom

+44 (0) 2070 600 600