Remo is a global virtual events, networking, and engagement platform which caters to small and medium sized businesses across multiple sectors. These sectors include communications, higher education, events, general conferences and recruitment. Through customizable features such as custom floor plans, seamless movement across tables/floors, and large networking capabilities, it’s widely used in sales, human resources and communications departments across 122 countries.

Sales teams use the platform to expand their global reach and database through networking events, product demos and an audience-presentation interaction. Recruiters use Remo for global hiring processes that simplify their operations, allow for mass hiring/training/onboarding, and save small to medium sized businesses over 160 hours in operations per year. Communications specialists and PR companies use Remo for both large and small meetings, brand launches, discussions, conferences, product announcements and launches.

Remo, which was founded in 2019 as a video-first networking and engagement platform has since hosted over 66,000 events with almost 3 million active participants. The mission is to increase human interaction, engagement and collaboration through multi-purpose features that can be also used to gain audience insights.

The platform is ideal for internal teams looking to improve their sales, recruitment, or communication process while also hosting external events such as product launches, webinars, brand launches, announcements, large town hall meetings and workshops. The platform is also used by some of the largest event and marketing agencies across the world. These agencies use Remo for virtual and hybrid events which are a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for networking, trade shows, and expanding their respective audiences without geographical limits. Some of Remo’s most notable clients include the University of Stanford, DC Chamber of Commerce, Livingston County (local Detroit government), and over 5,000 more education, event, sales and recruitment related- businesses.


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