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Who Are We?

We are Presentation Design Services (better known as ‘PDS’), an event production company operating for 20 years across a broad spectrum of live events, activations, theatre production, conferences, exhibitions, and experiential installations.

As a company many of our roots stem from the theatre arts and so we are perhaps more inventive and creative than you might find elsewhere in the events industry. Everything we do starts with a concern for the aesthetic with an intention that every project, however large or small, looks brilliant.

We aim to be approachable and personable. At all times we want to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible.  We employ people with character and personality and we hope to be a breath of fresh air for everyone we work with.

What Do We Do?

We design, we build, we light, we project, we paint, we dress, we drape, we invent and we programme. We say yes and we get on with it. We’re organised and productive, creative and experienced.

We have a vast breadth of experience and employ designers, visualisers, project managers, technicians, set builders, scenic artists, drape makers and dressers. When we say we can do almost anything, we actually mean it. Look at some of our project galleries and see for yourself.

We aren’t any run-of-the-mill production company. We’re a ‘can do’ team with personality and a sense of adventure. Got a challenge to solve?  Let’s talk…

Contact Details:

Presentation Design Services
Unit 5
Downing Road
West Meadows Industrial Est
DE21 6HA

01332 371710

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